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1 Day in St. Croix: What To Do in Frederiksted

What to do in St. Croix if you only have one day in Frederiksted.

St. Croix is a stop for the cruise ships and viewers often write in to ask for fun activities that can easily fit into a single day.  Though this short time is not ideal for exploring everything that St. Croix has to offer, you can still get a little {delicious!} taste.

Since the cruise port is on the west end/Frederiksted, you’ll be really close to the following: the Monk’s Baths, Hams Bluff, Caledonia Gut and Sandy Point.  I’ve furnished several options so you can create the perfect itinerary for yourself.

The Monk’s Bath

Monk's Bath

Monk's Bath

This “bath/pool” was carved by the monks from the Knights of Malta in the 1600’s.  It is located north of town about 3 miles away.  The most direct parking can be found off the road in front of Estate Northside Plot 4A.  If you hit Beresford Manor, you’ve gone too far.

Ham’s Bluff

Ham's Bluff

Ham’s Bluff is located on the Northwest tip of the island behind an old national guard building, past the Monk’s Baths.  When you arrive, take the trail on the left side of the building.  Bear in mind that there is no railing and it can get steep, but most of the way is shaded.   It’s about a 30 minute trek up with a sweeping view of the North Shore and the coast hills known as the Maroons.

Right by Ham’s Bluff is Caledonia Gut, a sort of hiking trail that when visited during the wet season, has baby waterfalls that trickle through.

Caledonia Gut

It is located right by the entrance of the rock quarry.  There is some parking in the front.  If you’re facing the front, there is a fence on the left and you walk to the side of that along the quarry.

Sandy Point

In my opinion, Sandy Point is one of the most beautiful beaches here on St. Croix.  It was even featured in the last scene of The Shawshank Redemption.  It’s also a site where the endangered leatherback turtles nest so it’s entirely closed to the public then and only open 10-4 Saturdays and Sundays during the season.

You could also drive through the rainforest to observe the flora and fauna of the west end which is different than the drier, more arid and cactus spotted east end.

If food and drink are what you’re after, as soon as you step off of the pier, there’s the popular “Polly’s” that features a breakfast and lunch menu.  Lost Dog Pub is a local watering hole and Rhythms and Freedom City Surf are popular with tourists.  Beachside Cafe is, you guessed it, lunch and dinner served on the beach.  If you’re craving freshly baked, wood fired bread, check out Nidulari.  For gigantic sandwiches, try Turtle’s Deli.  If you happen to be here on a Thursday-Saturday, make sure to check out Villa Morales for a taste of Puerto Rican and Caribbean dishes and for dessert, Armstrong’s ice cream is a must for local flavors and homemade ice cream.  Both spots are a short drive from center city.

Keep an eye out for subsequent posts on”1 Day in St. Croix: What To Do in St. Croix East End/Christiansted and reviews of my favorite restaurants.  Don’t forget about my e-book for 40+ pages on how to move to St. Croix, what to do when you get here and all the fun stuff and logistics of island living.


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