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What My Friends Eat Part 3

Part’s one and two.

Fifi is a health/lifestyle blogger in California so her typical meals involve a lot of greens.

Salad with dijon vinaigrette.

Ben cleans the beaches of St. Croix and up-cycles the materials to handcraft one of a kind pieces with his company Beachin Furniture.

He enjoys a a vegan lifestyle and on his plate are grapes, tostones, quinoa and seitan curry.

Arsil is a senior in high school in Canada and enjoys experimenting with new spices and flavors.  “Food isn’t just something we eat, it’s a way to express ourselves.”

Mixed veggies with pan seared tofu.

Matt is an operations engineer for a water desalination company in Peru and enjoys in-season or local fare.

Baked congrio fish in a hoisin glaze with asparagas, onion, mushroom, and bacon.

What does a typical meal look like for you?

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