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My Natural, Minimalist Skin Care Routine

I like to keep my skin care routine pretty simple and minimal.  I’ve noticed that over the years, my skin has actually improved using less products and looks better now in my 30’s than it did in my 20’s.  I attribute this to my daily green smoothies, lots of sunshine and generally being happier.  Skin care is still very important.  I haven’t purchased any conventional skin care products in over a decade.  DIY is my go-to.  This ensures that I know exactly what gets absorbed into my skin.  Before we begin, I just want to say that this is just what works for me.  Different skin types may react differently.  I’ve just learned what’s best for mine.

Cleaning my face:

If it’s been a particularly strenuous day and there’s more buildup, I’ll swipe my face down with organic textured cotton pads soaked in raw apple cider vinegar, with the mother.  I’m also a fan of the oil cleansing method.  Every few days or so, I’ll do a deep clean with a lemon/sugar scrub.  I’ll use the leftover lemon from my morning lemon water and combine it with either organic sugar or pink himalayan salt.  For a daily cleanse, I’ll typically reach for my oats.  Using warm water will release its milky lather and I’ll use about 2 tablespoons to scrub the wet oats in circular motions all across my skin.

Nourishing my face:

For maintenance, I love a turmeric tea steam.  I’ll simply take fresh organic turmeric {not the powder} and boil it into a simple tea.  I’ll capture the steam by pulling a towel over my head and the bowl of turmeric tea to allow it to open my pores and steam clean my face.  Alternatively, I like fresh lavender flowers and green tea.  Yogurt masks are also very nice.  I’ll slather homemade full-fat yogurt all over my face and leave it on for 20-30 minutes.  Sometimes, I’ll add in manuka honey or cacao but often it’s just plain.  It leaves my skin feeling plush and plump.  For something a bit stronger, I like to utilize the enzymes in pumpkin or papaya for a natural peel.  The fruit enzymes will “eat” the dead skin cells to reveal the “new” skin beneath.  You just pat on mashed papaya or pumpkin onto your skin and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.  If you’re extra sensitive, this will leave a pinkish blush behind.  For this, I definitely like to blend it with the manuka honey.  For a more creamier, workable consistency, you can combine it with yogurt.

Moisturizing my face:

You guys already know I’m obsessed with essential oils.  They play a key role in my skin care routine.  I pretty much use frankincense every single day.  If I’m not diffusing them {which is also beneficial for the skin} I’m adding them directly to my DIY lotions and serums.  They’re so effective that I also like to add a few drops straight into a facial oil and use it that way too.  A tip to make sure you’ll fully getting the maximum benefits from each essential oil is to apply them with a facial massage.  It’s also particularly helpful after a facial steam.  If essential oils aren’t your thing, try my noni salve for inspiration.

My DIY serum is great for unlocking numerous anti-aging benefits.  It goes on lightweight and encapsulates the power of several essential oils into a delicious, skin loving serum.

My easy face lotion is simplicity at its best.  It has the most buttery, creamy texture that your skin just soaks up.  This is probably my daily go-to for moisture and it never disappoints.

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