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I’m a sucker for junk food.  It’s the truth.  If it didn’t make me feel terrible, I’d be one very happy clam binging on cheesy poofs and bon bons all day but the reality is, I feel better when I eat cleaner.  I just feel more vibrant and refreshed.  Not to mention, my skin looks and feels better too.  I’m a strong advocate of greens and truly believe they make your skin glow.  It doesn’t matter what you’re slathering on your skin on the outside, truly heathy skin can only be achieved from the inside.

I’m never one to really subscribe to any current fads or diets.  I pretty much eat intuitively and don’t persecute myself if I indulge.  I love to dine out with loved ones as it gives me a break from being in the kitchen all the time and honestly, I’ll gravitate towards what I want versus what I need then but when I’m at home, I’m a bit more responsible.  Even little considerations such as making our own sauces/dressings can go a long way.  Today, I want to share a few tips and tricks that can help you stay on track without being too militant.  They’re fairly easy to maintain and always help me effortlessly stay “cleaner.”

You’ve heard me say it before, but I try and begin my mornings off with at least a liter of room temperature water followed by a glass of warm lemon water.  It helps hydrate and alkalize my body.  After all, you’ve just spent 6-8 hours sleeping so it’s nice to recharge your cells.  About 20 minutes later, I’ll reach for either my favorite green smoothie or juice.

The juice combination always changes depending on what looks good at the market/what’s in season or what I’m in the mood for but the current one on rotation is lemon grass, tulsi, ginger, turmeric, carrot and apple.  Celery and beets are also staples.  A trick for extending the shelf life of your juice is to add in fresh lemon juice.  It not only brightens the flavor, it will keep it fresher for a couple more days.

This is a healthy haul that I shared on my insta-story and it not only corrals some of my favorite smoothie add-ins, it is also to remind you that if you have good food around, you’re more bound to reach for those versus…cheesy poofs.

Have a variety of fresh fruit easily accessible.  I like to wash/peel/cut them into containers and store them in the fridge so I can reach for it as a snack whenever I want.  I also do this with raw veggies for a quick and easy crudité platter to enjoy anytime.  The crunch factor actually helps release stress!  When you have both prepared fruits and veggies around, it makes it easier for you to create a fuller meal around them.  Tip: try enjoying fruit before a heavy meal.  It digests easier this way.

Preparation is key.  This makes things more convenient for you and when you don’t have to think about it too much, it makes it easier to prevent “h-angry” melt downs and to be satisfied with a more wholesome meal than mindlessly snacking on whatever else is lying around.  Tip: make “whatever is lying around” to be a healthier meal that you know you’ll enjoy.  I personally love veggies in any which way and form.  I find it so easy to roast an entire sheet pan of them in the beginning of the week and residually use them throughout the week.  Ideas: roasted veggies in marinara over sprouted brown rice pasta, roasted veggie sandwiches, simple ratatouille with quinoa, buddha bowls with buckwheat/brown rice {or you can be part of the trendy crowd and use freekeh!}

This last one is my favorite {yes, I’m biased.}  Kimchi is very versatile as side dish {banchan} or even cooked into an assortment of other dishes like curried kimchi pancakes or kimchi bacon deviled eggs.  I was always told, “healthy, happy gut, healthy, happy you!”  There’s so much truth to that and more.  However if kimchi isn’t your thing, I understand.  You could try cooking with it, which mellows out the flavor or try kombucha or sauerkraut, among other things.

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