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Taste of St. Croix 2017 – 17th Year Centennial Edition

Last year, my husband and I made the move to St. Croix, having it coincide with the largest culinary event of the year, Taste of St. Croix.  We arrived with just 3 pieces of luggage between the both of us having arrived to a place sight unseen, without knowing a soul or even where we were going to live but somehow, it all worked out.  This year, I had the honor of serving on the judging panel for the centennial edition of Taste, almost as a wonderful foodie-anniversary celebration to solidify our love for this island.

Via their website:

I was so thrilled to be part of an event that introduced me to the top culinary talents of the island and meet everyone from celebrity chefs like Tiffany Derry and local food goddess, Tanisha Bailey-Roka aka Crucian Contessa to Caribbean cultural icon, Foxy Callwood.

One of the dishes I judged from the soup/stew category.

Taste of St. Croix is a foodie’s utopic dream paradise.  The rum already flows so freely here in the Caribbean but this is especially true for Taste where participating vendors put their own twist on it by infusing it with local flavor and flare.  To accompany the eternal flow of libations, is the best edible display of everything from fine dining to local fare.  Trust me, you will not leave hungry.

I loved witnessing the farm to fork movement present in so many of the dishes.  Kemit-Amon Lewis was there to share his reef responsible initiative and the colors of the Caribbean gleamed so brightly from the beautifully plated dishes to the crashing aqua waves right by the venue.

The Taste of St. Croix is not to be missed if you’re on island.  It is a culmination of some of the U.S. Virgin Island’s best and brightest stars and does a beautiful job of presenting our food, culture, spirit and love.  As if I needed another reminder, it is just yet another illustration of the rich diversity that our little rock has to offer.  The idyllic tropical setting is a beautiful distraction but the outstanding culinary offerings is not to be forgotten either.


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