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Goodbye St. Croix, Hello Charlotte


It’s been surreal being back in Charlotte.  It’s where my husband and I spent most of our lives {funny enough, in the same circles but never quite meeting until we finally did}.  The moment we were served drinks on the plane, I stared in disbelief at the ice in my cup which just a day before I had been waiting in line for.  Several places would even regularly run out completely and here I was, sitting in an air-conditioned seat with attendants pouring drinks…with ice!

Charlotte has been a shock to my system.  The pace, the vibe, the energy is all so very different.  I had become so acclimated to island life.  Of course the grocery store was my very first pit stop and I just looked over at my brother, shaking my head.  It was overwhelming how much there was to look at.  Sparkly aisles brimming with 6 different types of gluten free sprouted bread or pumpkin spice everything.  I had forgotten.

I will say, it’s been wonderful to spend quality time with both family and friends I haven’t seen in 2 years.  My heart is still with St. Croix and I communicate with those that have a working cell phone often.  However, there are some people we can’t get a hold of at all.  Things seem to be getting better day by day but on island time. We spent the first few days assembling care packages for those in need on both Puerto Rico and St. Croix.  My stateside friends, particularly my wonderful sister friend has raised funds and coordinated efforts to raise even more awareness.

The force of Maria reunited us with our loved ones and for that, I am grateful.  I’ve been spending long days in the kitchen with my mother and breaking bread with our loved ones.  I’ve allowed myself to get lost in all of the colorful markets that Charlotte has to offer and we even spent Halloween feeling young again.  We danced the night away and once again, we were just two souls, in love, really feeling each other.  For all of these things, I am grateful, but…

St. Croix, I miss you.

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One thought on “Goodbye St. Croix, Hello Charlotte

  • brian says:

    GLAD TO HEAR ALL IS ALRIGHT! hopefully u can get back to an island life soon. and all those affected by the storms will be at peace and feel whole again.

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