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Food Diary

I’m usually great about meal prepping.  At the very least, I’ll whip up my daily green smoothie following my typical morning routine which always consists of a liter of room temperature water and a glass of warm lemon water.  These steps always help me stay hydrated and keep my skin moist from the inside out.  However since returning stateside, I’ve really been leaning in to more indulgent meals out.  But hey!  It’s the holidays, right?  Today, I’m outlining my real food diary for the past week.




After my routine liquids, I chose to mono-meal a pile of clementines.  It made me a very happy girl to take a moment to peel each one back, absorb their fresh citrusy aromatherapy and enjoy each little baby bite of sweetness.  This probably set up the rest of my day to be a great one.


Monday’s are almost always my busiest days so needless to say, it was around 2 when I realized that my tummy was grumbling.  I grabbed a quick wrap to-go at a local place called Earth Fare and swiped up a chocolate chip cookie at the last moment.  Not the best choices but who can resist a chocolate chip cookie?


I didn’t get home until 8 so I opted for a quick meal of plain brown rice with seaweed paper and kimchi.  It’s a no-frills, no effort meal that I’m a huge fan of.


Acai Bowl


Following my green smoothie, I took some time to sit down to an acai bowl {Trader Joe’s now carries unsweetened acai packs!} with some of my favorite toppings.  Right now, I’m pretty obsessed wild blueberries, per the Medical Medium and also plopped on some spotty bananas, kiwi and lychee/coconut jellies.


A repeat of last night’s supper of brown rice, seaweed and kimchi.  Boring, I know.


Buffalo Chicken Salad

I had some leftover chicken that I lightly battered and fried in coconut oil then tossed in a buttery sriracha sauce that I served over romaine and topped with mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots, blue cheese and garlic yogurt dressing.  It’s one of J’s favorite dressings ever and can be quickly thrown together with whole yogurt, freshly minced garlic, salt, pepper and herbs.  You can thin it out or add any other seasoning to it but it’s always fast, fresh and easy.  We both had heaping plates filled with this chicken salad with a side of homemade hummus and toast.



Chocolate Pancakes

Baby brother was joining me this morning and so I whipped us up some fluffy buttermilk chocolate chunk pancakes.


I didn’t get a chance to have my green smoothie this morning so following one that almost filled my blender cup up to the rim, I also enjoyed some sprouted whole grain toast and almond butter.


I had cheeseburgers out with friends this night at a random bar.  I also had a malted milkshake and fries because green smoothies go hand in hand with cheeseburgers and fries.



Pumpkin Muffins

This morning, I had some time and baked 2 trays of pumpkin muffins for the fam.  I used this recipe by swapping out the zucchini for pumpkin puree and the oil for applesauce and added pumpkin spice.  These were delicious with coffee and tea for days to come.


I had the luxury of being at home most of the day and fixed myself a spinach salad with strawberries, homemade goat cheese, raw walnuts and a balsamic vinaigrette.

Spinach Salad


I hosted a casual family supper this night with a low country boil.  I served an array of seafood with steamed baby potatoes, jalapeño cheddar cornbread and a tabouli salad.Low Country Boil



I had some more pumpkin muffins with PG tips {my favorite black tea}.


More brown rice, seaweed and kimchi.  Later, me and my brother went out for coffee where I also had a pain au chocolat.


Date night at Cajun Queen.

Crawfish Étouffée

This extra spicy crawfish Étouffée warmed up my insides from the outside cold.  Afterwards, we went for coffee and cake.




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