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Life Update

It’s been too long, friends.  I’ve been good about updating on instagram and facebook but it’s been both blog and channel that have suffered.  It’s been some 3 months since Hurricane Maria and about a month and a half since I’ve been stateside.  This time has been filled with work and spending time with loved ones, the latter being some of the best kind of healing.  I recently even hosted an early Christmas supper {blog to come} since J won’t be here for the actual one, or for New Years for that matter {more on that below}.  I stay in touch with my island fam as much as I can but many phones are not working and some of my friends still have no power.  It’s strange to be back, especially within the circumstances that thrust us back here.  Life is so completely different here than back on our little rock and it’s been an adjustment.  2 years and I’m an island girl for life.

My husband flew back yesterday with urgent projects and obligations that needed his attention and until we find a more permanent place to live and promise of electricity, along with working internet and phone, I have decided to continue my work here.  This may mean we will be apart for an undetermined amount of time which in itself has caused us anxiety these past few weeks.  We spent our last day together doing some of his favorite things like enjoying lunch at his favorite restaurant, watching the new Star Wars and wandering the hardware store aisles, along with a few necessary errands wedged in between.  Right before his airport drop off, he said goodbye to my parents and somehow, we ended up in the middle of a parking lot, as the sun was setting, absorbing my father’s prayers and blessings as we all clutched hands, tearing up.

Babe, I am so incredibly proud of you.  

US - J and Angela

From my MIL’s sitting room – a snap of us when we met, 5 years ago.

Good omens abound.  It’s what surrounded our wedding, our move to St. Croix and these moments where we embark on yet another evolution.

I am still getting my head straight and will refine my video objectives soon.  Until then, I will be working diligently on new blog posts to go live a couple times a week.  As always, thank you for being here.

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