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Loving Lately

Here’s what I’m loving lately.  From binge-worthy shows to natural anxiety remedies.

My brother raved about this show so much that I finally had to see what all the fuss was about.  After several weeks of binge watching Sense8 on Netflix, I’m now a fan as well.  8 people from all over the world experience each other’s realities and from there, so much joy and heartache unravel.  Just as my brother promised, the cinematography is lush and the intertwining story lines of the diverse cast of characters is just beautiful.

I discovered the Calm app through a youtube video and it’s been so valuable in its innumerable ways.  When I can’t go to sleep, its nature or ASMR sounds act as a lullaby.  It also has daily affirmations and guides to help you meditate and breathe.  It’s definitely a keeper.


I first found out about Vetiver through an astrological guide that matches your sign with your most compatible essential oil and have spoken on it before.  As time goes on, I grow to love it even more.  It’s used to help ease anxiety {which as a virgo, I often struggle with}, I most like that the musky scent, which at first was off putting to me, began to be a scent I craved and one that now comforts me.  I will say though a bit pricey, my little bottle has lasted me well over a year and half and I use it a lot!

My girlfriend recommended the Medical Medium books to me and though there were a few parts that I wasn’t completely on board with, for the most part I found the book to be interesting with some parts very useful.  I will say, it’s gotten me to include more healthful foods to my diet and that’s always a good thing.

I’ve also spoken about Manuka Honey before and although I’ve traditionally used it as a cold remedy or face mask, I’ve recently been using it as a facial scrub and it’s really made my skin GLOW.  I’ve heard mixed things about the ones available at Trader Joe’s and would love to find out more.


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