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The Best of 2017 – Hurricanes & Lobster

Hurricanes and lobster: an accurate yet comical summary of 2017. From 2 category 5 hurricanes to judging at The Taste of St. Croix and interviewing local and celebrity chefs.


My very first St. Croix Carnival.  It’s where I met some of my island family and it’s what’s to come soon as a revival for our little island post Maria.

St. Croix Carnival

Beach day upon beach day with these two.  The sun, sea, surf, sand…it all makes me feel ALIVE like nothing else.

Working with the St. Croix Foundation and judging at the Taste of St. Croix.  Never have I ever dined on such sumptuous lobster.

Lastly, there’s Hurricane Maria.  It’s not a wonderfully happy memory by any means but as I mentioned on Facebook, if we can survive this, there’s nothing we can’t survive.  Much of my island family is still without power today and I’ll never forget how we endured the aftermath of not just 1, but 2 category 5 hurricanes that swept through within a week of each other.  I learned so much from the experience but most of all, that there are those that will step up and spread their healing strength and for this, I am most grateful.


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