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The 7 Most Common Questions I Receive – FAQ

Angela Kim FAQ

1). Are you vegan?  I’m actually not 100% plant based though it would seem that way from my instagram feed.  However, my diet leans heavily towards a vegan one but I don’t give myself grief if and when I enjoy an ice cream sundae or pizza.  One of my favorite “healthy” foods is my daily green smoothie that I actually look forward to.  Nothing makes me feel better both physically and mentally.

2). What is your favorite food?  Probably french fries!  It’s also one of the first things my husband and I bonded over.

3). Where did you and your husband meet?  At a local, hole-in-the-wall called “The Yellow Rose.”  Sadly, it’s not there anymore and we recently drove by it just to reminisce.

4). Why did you move to the Virgin Islands?  To lead a more simple and minimalist life.  You can read more about the steps we took, the transition and tips and tricks to making island life work in my e-book.

5). Do you speak Korean?  Yes, it was actually my first language before I even knew how to speak English.  I had to take ESL for a couple of years in school and my teachers were the first people to introduce me to American food.

6). What is your best cooking/in the kitchen advice?  Start slow, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned cook.  Flavors take time to bloom and merry.  Patience will make everything taste much better.  For example, crush your own fresh organic garlic and allow it to caramelize with sweet onions.  Layer that with herbs and seasoning and your base flavor will lay a delicious foundation.

7). What is The Squishy Monster?  It was actually a nickname my friends gave me in college.  My Korean name is Soogee and they started calling me Squishy.  I was always baking and sharing what I made but I wasn’t always great at it so I started with the easiest thing, cookies.  I still have a tremendous soft spot for warm-from-the-oven cookies and these are what I refer to as the best chocolate chip cookies ever.  That’s when I became known to my friends as The Squishy Monster {like The Cookie Monster}.

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