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My Favorite Casual Charlotte Restaurants

New Zealand Cafe

This is probably my favorite place to grab a quick bite to eat in Charlotte.  It features sushi and bento boxes all under $10.  My favorite items there include the salmon skin hand roll or any of their special selection rolls.  You really just can’t go wrong.  Unassumingly tucked into a generic shopping center, it’s family owned and has been around for about a decade.

Cajun Queen

This little spot is a Charlotte institution that has remained strong throughout the years despite a rapidly changing landscape.  Most of its neighbors have relocated and moved but through it all, Cajun Queen has stayed the same, menu included.  My favorite thing to get is the extra spicy crawfish étouffée but I also highly recommend their bbq shrimp appetizer.  After you’ve gobbled up all the tasty shrimp, you’re left with this buttery bowl of sauce specked with special spices and white rolls to sop it all up with.

Thai Taste

I’ve probably been to every local Thai restaurant in the area and nothing quite matches up to the authentic pad Thai I had served in Thailand but Thai Taste is a close second.  Chewy, sweet and spicy rice noodles soaked in tamarind sauce and loaded with your choice of meat.  Their lunch offerings are short and simple and come with soup, a spring roll and sweet tea.

Bombay Grille

I love their naan.  They make it fresh there and it keeps me coming back for more.  Soft, tender and buttery perfection.  Their lunch buffet features a sampling of their menu and displays a nice selection of cool, hot, spiced and savory dishes.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Casual Charlotte Restaurants

  • brian says:

    if i ever visit there i will check them out. a friend i know is supposed to move to North Carolina in a few years. have a good day. here we got snow. 😉

  • Very nice! Interesting Angie! I have some friends that relocated from the Chicago ILINOIS metropolitan area years ago. More moving there.Thanks for sharing this Angie. Have a great day!

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