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New + Old Healthy Habits


Oldies but goodies:

You guys already know what a huge fan of green smoothies I am.  I’ve probably been talking about them since the creation of both my channel and blog and have posted a few basic recipes that I work off of.  Lately, I’ve been obsessed with an abundance of wild blueberries and barley grass juice powder which aids in alkalizing the body and drawing out heavy metal accumulation. I have it first thing in the morning right after my water and lemon water and I can’t advocate its greatness enough.  Nothing makes me feel quite as good, both physically and mentally than when I’m consuming all of those dark leafy greens and superfoods first thing in the morning.  Having a ritual to look forward to also helps to get the day off on the right foot.

Lemon water is also part of my morning ritual.  It takes less than 30 seconds to whip up and alkalizes the body and helps flush out toxins.  Plus, it’s a great source of vitamin C and since I’ve started doing it regularly for the past few years, I rarely get sick.  How wonderful to be able to do all of that first thing in the morning?

Water.  It is not only essential in life but it is probably the single most essential beauty weapon I have in my arsenal.  Most people don’t drink nearly enough water.  Teas, which can often be dehydrating, juices, cocktails and such don’t count.  Not drinking enough water can actually trick your body into thinking it’s hungry.  If you find yourself mindlessly snacking through the day, try drinking an entire 16 oz glass of water first.  Not drinking enough water not only contributes to fatigue, it can also greatly contribute to headaches.  Water helps get things through your system and it seriously moisturizes your skin from the inside out.  People rarely believe me when I tell them I’m 32.  You can apply all of the products under the sun topically but nothing will make it glow like water {and green smoothies!}

Body brushing and exfoliating in general.  Regularly sloughing off all of the dead skin from your body not only helps reveal fresh, new skin, it also helps boost circulation, stimulate the lymph nodes, aid in detoxification and as an added bonus, is said to minimize cellulite.  For me, it feels great not just physically but also feels great as part of my self-care routine.

One of the reasons I just can’t wait to get back home is the abundance of nature and candy sweet fruit dripping from the trees.  This last one is 2-fold.  Negative ions actually charge your body with beneficial molecules that for me personally, has greatly helped with anxiety and depression.  You absorb it while being in nature and it is present in clean, fresh air.  All of this delicious nature produces some of the best fruit I’ve ever had and in my beloved green smoothies are definitely mango, when they’re in season and moringa.  This last ingredient is a green leaf tree that grows year round on St. Croix with each part being edible and medicinal.  From young steamed pods to be eaten like edamame to edible moringa flower candy.  I love its arugula-like zip in salads, sandwiches, smoothies, tea or even food for Nala.


If moringa is my older, yet tried and true love, tulsi is my new added interest.  Tulsi {meaning incomparable one} is also known as holy basil.  It is a very prevalent ingredient found on many Asian menus and I ate it everywhere in spiced and spicy dishes in Thailand.  To me, fresh basil smells like fruit loops.  Known as an adaptogen, it is highly regarded in Ayurvedic medicine.  It is popular to take as a tea or supplement for everything from its calming ability, antioxidants and beautifying qualities.

Raw organic celery juice.  Warning: it can be a little “salty” especially when juicing alone, which is how I highly recommend taking it.  This humble little veggie has been know to effectively eliminate toxins, particularly alkalizing the gut.  Additionally, it helps to purify the bloodstream and is anti-inflammatory.  I recommend buying this organic since it’s on the dirty dozen list which aligns with my 80/20 tip next.

Employing an 80/20 mindset when it comes to my natural living.  I’ve finessed a nice medium where I live my life without denying myself pleasures.

The Doctrines of Signature has been another new interest of mine.  After digging into the subject more extensively, I’ve now noticed I naturally gravitate towards new and interesting foods and take a longer moment to really admire the fruits, veggies or nuts/seeds I’m about to enjoy.  It’s been a fun approach and interesting to read about.

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3 thoughts on “New + Old Healthy Habits

  • Lester Nixon. says:

    Fascinating! I hear a lot about lemon water. I am trying it myself. I am NOT ever going on statin meds! Thank you, Angie! Happy New year Angie!

  • The Squishy Monster says:

    Happy New Year, Les!

  • brian says:

    true about the water Squishy! i know i getting enough water when i have to pee many times a day. hahaha…too many people drink soda instead and wonder how i can drink mostly plain water.

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