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The Best Facial Oils For Every Skin Type

Facial oils and/or essential oils are exclusively what I use to moisturize my facial skin.  Contrary to what the word “oil” implies, the following are non comedogenic so they won’t clog your pores.  I would not recommend using just any oil.  Some oils, like vegetable or mineral are way too heavy for the skin which can lead to breakouts.  If you have particularly sensitive, oily or acne-prone skin, I also don’t recommend the use of coconut oil.  For my combination skin, I find that organic, unrefined coconut oil works just fine.  However, as I’ve gotten older {32 last September}, my needs are ever shifting and evolving so I like to fine tune my skin care with the changing landscape.  The result has been skin that is resilient and healthy.  I joke with my friends all the time that my main objective is to look good when I’m 60.

I enjoy using oils, finding them to be deeply nourishing, protective and provide a surge of moisture unlike anything else.  I often harness these qualities into homemade eye cream, serum or lotion but if I’m giving myself a facial massage {which I can’t recommend highly enough}, these are the oils I love to use to create a plush glow, depending on my skin needs at the time.  Not only that, they beautifully double-duty in any of my other DIY beauty products too.

Rosehip benefits

Rosehip* oil has amazing anti-aging qualities and it’s the newest oil in my regimen.

Pumpkin seed and Pomegranate seed oils also contains anti-aging properties.  I often like to add these to my homemade eye creams.

Marula Oil Benefits

Marula* oil is good for combination or aging skin.  This {used to be argan oil} is often what I use as the base for my homemade facial lotion and I’ve become a fast convert.

Tamanu, Hemp and Seabuckthorn oils are all good choices for blemish prone skin.

Jojoba oil is recommended for oily skin or sensitive skin.  I like to gift this as a starter oil for those unfamiliar with oil-cleansing or facial oils in general.  It’s basically a general multi-purpose oil for beginners.

Maracuja Benefits

Maracuja* oil is for all skin types.

Side notes: Citrus oils can be problematic as they react to UV light so I avoid it as much as possible since I live in the tropics.  *indicates my favorite oils.

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