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Charlotte All Vegan Restaurants

Charlotte is rapidly becoming an all-inclusive food scene.  I recently visited two very different but very delicious all vegan restaurants in town and here was my reaction to both.

Mama Wok’s was open until 9 so despite the fact we missed the exit and turned ourselves around, they were still able to serve us in their dining room, even if we were the only people there at 8.

The owner herself came out and recommended the dumplings for an appetizer.

These were served piping hot with crispy, blistered skin and savory cabbage/veg filling, making it just fine that though it was an appetizer, it came out after we got our meals.

My brother got the curry stew which came with a combo of homemade setain, crispy tofu and large chunks of potato.  A variety of veggies and lentils were also in the curry and it was served with steamed rice.  He really enjoyed the setain and the curry itself was simple and straightforward.  I had the leftovers the next day and they were still good.

I got the kung pao chicken served with fried rice.  The chicken was actually thinly served setain and it had a great texture, though I wondered how different the beef would be.  The great thing about this was that it tasted just like a classic kung pao and with the meatiness of the mushrooms, I didn’t really feel like it was missing anything.

The bill came to about $30 and the service was nice and the food took just the right amount of time to indicate that it was freshly prepared.  Bonus, the veggies were crisp, not mushy.

Bean Vegan is located in a pretty random part of town but I thought it was worth it.  It serves greasy spoon/diner type food and if you’re looking for vegan comfort food, this is it.

The interior.  When we went, it was around 3:30 and was fairly empty.  The only down side from my dining experience at Bean was the fact that it took awhile to be seated.

I ordered the cowboy burger which came with their homemade patty, seitan bacon, onion rings, vegan cheddar, bbq sauce, pickles and ranch.  It felt pretty substantial and though it was greasy in the way that burgers are meant to be, the flavor was good and all of the accoutrements were a nice touch, particularly for any person transitioning from staunch carnivore to vegan.  My brother got the philly cheesesteak which was loaded with setain and veggies.  My least favorite thing of the meal was the mash as the plant based milk was vanilla flavored and it strongly tasted of so.

Our Bean bill came out to about $30 as well and I left feeling like I’d just indulged in a regular burger and fries.

Other vegan options in town are Fern, Luna’s Living Food, Pinky’s, Madras Cafe and Dish.  Lots of asian restaurants are also good about serving vegan dishes on their menu.  It’s safe to say that the Charlotte food scene has a little bit of something for everyone.

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