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Top 5 Things I Love About Living in The Caribbean

People often ask what compelled us to move to an island in the middle of the Caribbean, sight unseen, selling everything we own and only months after we got married.  The answer?  It was to live more freely, simply, and in touch with nature.  I was devastated when Hurricane Maria blew in with all her fury but it was one of the greatest feelings ever to return home.  I’ve never felt “home” anywhere else before.  It’s not just the warmth of the year round sun, but that of the community that ties it all together.  Here are just 5 reasons I love living in the Caribbean.

1.THE WEATHER.  I’ve always been susceptible to seasonal depression and though I still battle with bouts of it, it has severely lessened and lifted since living here.  It also helps that we live year round with all of the windows open {per typical Crucian living} and that fresh air flows in night and day.  When my husband and I aren’t working, you can find us hiking or at the beach.  Staying active also helps keep me healthy in plenty of ways.

2. The Community.  After Hurricane Irma destroyed our sister islands, we were still capable enough to help and the entire island flew in to action to ferry over much needed supplies.  We were actually in the middle of organizing a fundraiser for St. Thomas and St. John when Hurricane Maria came in to wreck havoc on us just days later.  It’s not just natural disasters that bring us together.  I suppose on an island as small as we are, it’s natural to create a closer-knit environment.  It’s what we affectionately refer to as “island family.”

3. Local culture and food.  Naturally {as my husband is a history buff}, we are drawn to the rich history steeped in our island.  There are plenty of museums or historical ruins to peruse through or cultural events to be a part of.  As for the food, there are a variety of cuisines that have come together to create the tapestry of Crucian food.  I had the privilege of working with the owners of Cast Iron Pot on a media project and was able to sample every dish on their menu and every bit was scrumptious.  Cruzan Rum is also a big deal here.

4. The relaxed atmosphere.  My friends and I joke that as relaxed as it is here, we seriously wonder if we could ever re-acclimate back to “normal” life.  I can say, after my short hiatus stateside, I couldn’t wait to be back.

5. Natural beauty.  The stars at night, the fresh tropical fruit {best mangoes of my LIFE}, the views at the top of a good hike, the world renowned diving {my husband’s favorite}, or natural wonders like the tide pools or the bioluminescent bay…there’s always something to experience!

If moving to the Caribbean is something that appeals to you, I wrote a 45 page e-book called Moving to Paradise which is all about how to make the move, what to do when you get here and how to make the transition as seamless as possible all while enjoying the bounty that the island has to offer.






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    Interesting and inspiring Angie! Thanks for sharing.

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