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5 Things That Instantly Make My Day Better

1.Sending a sweet message to friends/family, complimenting a stranger or hugging someone.  This always helps to lift my mood.  It’s immediate and shares the love.

2.Counting down to something I’m looking forward to.  For me, that’s almost always a trip.  {There’s a big one planned coming that I’m excited to share soon!}  Scribbling it down on planners, calendars, the fridge or post it notes always catches my eye and makes me smile, giving me a mini boost every single time.

3.A yummy refreshing drink enjoyed outdoors.  Fresh pressed carambola {starfruit} juice tastes like candy sweet sunshine in a glass.  I also enjoy my chai over ice for something spiced and creamy.

4.My favorite playlist.  There’s something about listening to music you love that instantly brightens your mood.  If I’m being active, something bright and upbeat helps to enhance the energy level whereas something soothing and ambient helps me go to sleep.

5.Taking Nala for a walk.  When I’m really down and out, this one is easier said than done but 9 times out of 10, the moment I step out and watch an excited Nala prance around {trust me, she actually prances} in her own happy place, it makes me smile too.  I also read somewhere that just holding or petting your fur baby also significantly boosts your mood so if hugging an actual person isn’t a viable option, spend some quality time with them.  After all, they think you’re the greatest person alive.



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