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Beach Essentials – DIY’s & Protective

Though it’s pretty much summer 24/7 here in the Caribbean, summer is creeping up just around the corner for you state-sider’s and I know for me, one of the first things I used to do to usher in the new season was to plan a beach trip!  As you may already know, I pretty much spend all of my down time outdoors, mainly at the beach.  Not only have I noticed that it’s done wonders for my health and happiness, it allows me to be more active and get my regular dose of Vitamin D.  However, as the old adage goes, too much of even a good thing, isn’t good.  If you’ve ever been burned or gotten sun poisoning, you know what I’m talking about.  The following are beach essentials that I’ve curated through living on 2 different islands over the past 4 years with trial and error.

At the top of my list is my healthy homemade sunscreen.  It’s non-nano, reef safe and only 5 simple ingredients that cling to your skin while nourishing and protecting it.

Healthy Homemade Sunscreen

Next up is another version of protection with a bit of sun shade with a hat-but not with just any ole hat.  I love this one with a satin lining.  I already use a satin pillowcase at night and since I wear my hat the entire time I’m out, it’s nice to have it double duty in protecting my hair as well.

Satin Hat

Hydration is everything.  When I was younger, I made the mistake of reaching for more juice, tea or soda and would wind up with a headache when I got home.  The sun is fierce, particularly in the Caribbean and it goes without saying that you need pure, unadulterated water and lots of it.  We stopped using one time use water bottles years ago and invested in these nalgene bottles.  I don’t think you’re technically suppose to, but we freeze them a little more than half way full then pop them into our insulated backpack and they stay cold all day.  We’ve had our backpack for over a year and half and it’s weathered our many beach and hike days while containing all of our food and drink.

Beach Bag


If I’m lucky, my husband will fill one of the bottles with freshly cracked coconut water {my favorite}.

This next one isn’t an absolute must but it makes for a nice addition, especially when you have a group together at the beach {or pool}.

Waterproof speaker

I like this Bose because it’s more compact than the mini and since it’s waterproof, it can withstand our most intense beach days.

Lastly, you can’t forget about snacks!  These no-bake superfood brownies are my favorite when I’m short on time and want something healthy with sustained energy.

No Bake Superfood Brownies



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