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St. Croix Food & Wine

St. Croix’s Food and Wine Reef Responsible event was one not to be missed for the island foodie, with vendors from all over the island collaborating together for sustainble, local seafood. I take you along with me on the west end of the island {there’s a saying on island that “west is best”} to Fort Frederiksted to present more of what our beautiful island has to offer with a fusion of food, natural beauty and good vibes.

The food scene on St. Croix is rich, vibrant and eclectic with chefs that are passionate about their craft.  Moreover, the idea of local sustainability can be seen woven into our menus or experienced as a unique sensation first hand.  It’s one of the reasons I love St. Croix.

Lionfish have been decimating our reef system and it didn’t take long for our community to take action.  They are aggressively invasive and wherever they go, they devastatingly reduce reef fish populations.  We have dedicated divers that are passionate about combatting this problem {one of them being my husband}.  It can now be seen adapted into unique offerings all over the island and it was one of the popular bites at this event as you will see.

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  • brian says:

    them lion fish are invasive. like zebra mussels. many places spear the lion fish and cook them up to help alleviate the problem. in Japan they had problems with big jellyfish invading the shores and they were trying to cook and eat them too because they were killing all the fish for the fishermen.

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