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Africa – The Beginning

We just returned last week from a 7 day safari in Kenya, Africa.  I have so much to share that I decided that I’ll be dedicating this entire week to a post every single day with a video of our actual safari on Wednesday.

Leaving St. Croix

Leading up to our trip, I had mounting anxiety as we had just received news about bad flooding, daily anticipated thunderstorms and the inability to reach one of our coordinators.  I was kind of freaking out since this wouldn’t be like any other trip we’d ever planned and I had no idea what to expect, unlike our other vacations but my concerns were quickly laid to rest.

The morning of our actual travel date, I decided to carve out extra time in our hectic morning to meditate.  This is a new thing for me and my husband and it’s made all the difference in the world.  I was first formally introduced to it during out trip to Thailand and it was something I had flirted with, even accompanying my friend to her buddhist group but it wasn’t until recently that I began to take it seriously.  In the blur of the morning, we sat in silence connecting our energies and flowing forth good intentions.  After it was done, I felt a calm wash over me and just knew that it would be an amazing trip.  It was.  Meditation is magical.  Naysayers may refute my magic claim but not 5 minutes later, we walked out of the door to load into the car and there was a beautiful rainbow.  The best sort of omen.

Grateful for reminders to pause and revel in nature’s majesty.

On our 15 hour flight to Qatar, we discovered we were seated not only apart but very far away from each other.  We asked the attendant if we could be seated together and were seated in the back with extra leg room at a 3-seater all to ourselves with no one around for several rows.  When we finally reached Nairobi, we arrived at 11:11 and were greeted by our guide {who had the same name as the guy that introduced us 5.5 years ago!} in a safari van named Simba {as you may or may not know, our fur baby’s name is Nala}.  He informed us that we had been upgraded to a private safari due to cancelled reservations.  The next morning, we had an early breakfast at our first lodge and they were actually serving Korean birthday seaweed soup {on J’s actual birthday!} and kimchi along with more traditional breakfast offerings.  About those thunderstorms?  During our entire safari, we only saw 2 short drizzles after our game drives were done for the day.

This trip was just amazing from start to finish and tomorrow, I’ll share our daily itinerary.

Lake Nakuru and Amboseli.

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