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Last Minute Meal Ideas – Quick & Easy Dinner Inspiration

Hangry: to be hungry/angry.  For me, it’s probably up there with having a head or belly ache.  I long ago learned how to prevent it from flaring up by 1). having an accessible stash of snacks 2). referencing my go-to list of easy, last minute meals ideas.  The latter has been a game changer.  With it comes the complete freedom from being hungry but still not being able to figure out that age old question, “what’s for dinner?”

Pasta is always a safe bet.  I make a variation of this summer pasta all the time, adjusting with whatever ingredients are available or what I’m craving.

Artichokes, corn, bell peppers, etc…throw in whatever you want!  I like to make large portions of this since they make great leftovers and definitely tastes better the longer it sits.

This honey garlic shrimp takes 20 minutes time, maybe even less from thought to plate.  You could easily swap out the shrimp for chicken, scallops, fish, tofu, etc.

Quicker still is my fried rice.

I like to serve this with egg rolls that I’ve previously batch cooked and frozen individually.

Soba Noodles is the quickest and easiest one of them all.  I make these when I seriously have no time on my hands.

If your objective is to eat as fresh and as healthy as possible with minimal effort and time, then this almost raw, fully vegan vegetable pad thai is just for you.  I like to make batches of the sauce and store it in a mason jar to use at my leisure as it’s excellent for bowls and wraps too.

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