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Visiting a Children’s Home in Kenya

Spending time with orphans in Africa has been something I’ve wanted to do since I was 10 years old.  Every month, I would collect my allowance and send over my single bills in an envelope to sponsor a child. I told myself that when I was big, I would try and make a bigger difference. Recently, we spent time at a children’s home in Kenya and meeting with not only the 35 children there but the two young ladies that have dedicated themselves to enriching and uplifting the lives of these little ones was one of the most difficult, yet rewarding experiences of my life.

We were going to Kenya for my husband’s birthday safari and also at the top of my list was to finally go to a Children’s Home there.  The first one we went to, the children were still at school so we dropped off our gifts and drove an hour to the next one where we spent time with the beautiful children of Olochike Happichild Children’s Home in Narok.  I put together a video of our time there and haven’t stopped crying since.  I half expected the children to be morose and withdrawn but to my complete and utter surprise, what I was met with were smiling faces that were very curious about us and were eager to share.  They seemed almost clueless about their surroundings and when we arrived, were playing outside just as any other child would.  When the ladies called for them, they ran up excitedly and smiled at us.  As they lined up to show us their “house,” the bigger ones helped the smaller ones and helped translate for the ladies who spoke little to no english.  Despite this, their love for these children was so apparent.

These were some of the brightest and well behaved children I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.  There were some with no shoes, many wearing ill fitting hand-me-downs that had obviously been stitched a number of times and no real toys to speak of with a severe lack of beds in their “house,” having resorted to stacking thin, overused pads on top of each other or just hammocks, in many cases.  However, their shining eyes and brilliant smiles are something I’ll never ever forget.  Earlier in the week, we had purchased ebony wood carvings as a Father’s Day gift but the rest of our spending money was donated to the children’s home though I don’t feel it’s even a drop in the bucket so I’m asking for help.

When we asked these children what they needed, it was unanimous in that they needed beds, most of all.  Following that, it was cement, clothes, food, jackets, shoes, and diapers.  As we were leaving, a few children came up to me and also told me shelter.  Can you imagine?  My heart hurts so much.  I wish all the children of the world could feel safe and loved.  Can you envision a world where all of our little children are made to feel this way and in turn, making for a better and brighter future?

I’ve been told many times that I worry too much about matters such as this.  Being an empath has been too large a burden to bear at times but recently, I decided that it makes me who I am and I can consciously choose for it to make me a better, stronger person who is more aware or I can continue to allow it to bring me down which does no good for anyone or anything.  I want to do the best I can and help in whatever ways I can.  I’m asking for donations to be sent directly to this children’s home or if you’d rather, you can send them to me and I’ll send them with mine.

Their requests: beds {if you have any ideas on how to best facilitate this as it’s a larger item, please let me know!}, cement, clothes/jackets, food, shoes and diapers.  As you can see, none of these children even asked for dolls, games, toys, etc.  It would be wonderful to send these along as well.

Their mailing address: “Margaret Sialo Olochike Happicihld Children’s Home”
PO BOX 865-20500 Narok-Kenya

My mailing address: Angela Hair PO Box 3845 Kingshill, VI 00851

Thank you for anything you can donate.  Anything is everything for these children and I greatly appreciate it too.

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  • Lester Nixon says:

    What an important cause Angie! Thanks for sharing. I have shared this many times today! Have a great day!

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