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Connecting With Your Partner – 6 Simple Ways

My husband and I have now been together for 5.5 years.  In this short time, we’ve experienced our share of highs and lows but through it all, we’ve developed a growing love and respect for each other.  As they say, marriage takes work but the way I look at it for us, we’ve learned how to intuitively lean in to each other better and better over the years.  Here are a few ways we connect and stay connected.

1. FLIRT.  This is so so important.  It not only serves as foreplay, it creates sustainable feel good emotions and allows positive energy to flow while reducing stress.  It’s also a positive way to communicate with your partner.

2. Night routine.  No matter how hectic the day was, we aim for the following two things: supper and nature with no distractions.  It’s not possible on a daily basis but if we can do it more than not, I feel it’s been a success.  We begin our meal by sharing what we’re grateful for and take our time to eat a wholesome home-cooked meal.  No phone, no netflix/tv, etc.  Afterwards, we’ll go on a walk to unwind.  J loves to point out the different stars to me while the scent of jasmine {which blooms nightly all around the island} fills the air and lends itself to our romantic night stroll.  I’m a believer in that romance can be captured in small glimpses like this, not just in grandiose movie scenes.  It’s pretty simple but it allows us a moment to disconnect from outside distractions and reconnect with each other and our natural elements.  You can also check out our morning routine.

3. Surprises.  There are a few things my husband gets really excited for and I try and switch it up to present them at the most unexpected times.  The look in his eyes is always reward enough.

4. Physical touch. Micro moments of tenderness are important.  Sleep naked, swim in the sea together, reach out and touch each other in passing, hold hands…there’s just so many ways to convey your love through physical touch.  It can be healing, therapeutic, grounding, sensual and meaningful.

5. Inside jokes.  This helps us create a private world that only he and I are privy to.  We have code words for things out in public and often have conversations that sound like it’s about something entirely different.  It’s fun and funny and helps us keep things loose.

6. Celebrate each others successes.  The way I’ve always seen it, when he wins, I win.  I am genuinely excited for his accomplishments and we celebrate each others victories which not only encourages us to keep achieving bigger and better things, it expresses our solidarity which makes me personally feel like we’re stronger together.


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