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June Favorites + Natural Back Pain Remedy

I’ve long neglected peppermint essential oil, favoring my more luxurious oils but that recently changed when I caught my first cold in over 2.5 years.  I blended it with a bit of lavender and it did wonders for my congestion and runny nose.  It’s now graduated from being kept under the sink to on top of my dresser.

What also helped me get over my cold in 2 days flat was a profusion of freshly pressed guava juice {which actually has more vitamin C than OJ}!

Another new found essential oil obsession has been copaiba.  I initially got it to mix in with my homemade noni salve for J’s back but I soon found out that it’s also excellent for anxiety.  Win-win!  Its endless uses are actually fascinating and I instantly became a believer when it helped eliminate my husband’s back pain as part of our naturally curated regimen.  That regimen includes fresh turmeric/ginger/black pepper tea {I brew about 1/4 cup each of peeled, organic turmeric and ginger with a bit of freshly ground black pepper}, noni salve massages {now with the powerful added benefit of copaiba} ice packs and the new back roller we picked up in Africa.  To make perk up the salve, I simply replace the lavender EO for copaiba and add more or less of it depending on how strong I want it to be.

The message in this film reaffirmed for me that we shouldn’t let our differences divide us.  It’s our commonality as humans- our love, our pain, family, hope—that should matter more.

My girlfriend recently sent me the sweetest care package and in it were these little babies that made it into half a dozen vegan s’mores while I was watching the aforementioned movie.





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