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Loving Lately

Meditation.  Just the word used to freak me out.  I’ve always been filled with a thousand thoughts and the idea of attempting to quiet it all down seemed difficult if not impossible.  If I was successful in shutting off these thoughts, wouldn’t the deafening silence be overwhelming?  I pretty much stopped myself there when I began piling on reasons why I couldn’t meditate.  It all sounded like a bunch of excuses to me and I had nothing to lose by trying.  The very first time I took a stab at it was with my husband a few months back.  We started with a very un-scary 8 minute session.  I told myself that it didn’t necessarily have to be a success the very first time around and lo and behold, before I knew it, time was up and I felt this calm wash over me that got me instantly hooked.  I was having immense anxiety surrounding our Africa trip as it had been calling for terrible weather following a big flood and I hadn’t been able to connect with one of our coordinators.  I decided the morning of our very early flight to carve out extra time to meditate and it did wonders for me and all the worries that had been cluttering my head.  Meditation is magical.

There are versions of this song that go from 8 minutes like this one all the way up to 10 hours.  This piece was produced in collaboration with sound therapists in an effort to reduce the listeners heart rate and blood pressure as well as lower levels of cortisol.  Sometimes, I just listen to this, put on my essential oil diffuser and practice deep breathing.  A very helpful technique that I recently learned is to breathe deeply into your lungs, hold it in for a few seconds then blow it out of your mouth slowly.

I like this Rose Quartz Roller since the last one I had broke soon after I received it.  This one is much sturdier and solid.  I also like that it comes with a bonus Gua Sha, even if I don’t use it enough.  There’s a wealth of information on both out there but for a quick run down, the roller is typically used for your face with the Gua Sha used primarily for your body.  These pieces help drain your lymphatic system, increase blood flow, improve skin tone and elasticity and reduce puffiness and wrinkles.

Speaking of roller, we picked up a back roller on our Africa trip made of ebony wood but this one is very similar and J has been loving it, especially after long work days.  It was especially helpful after our day long game drives over the bumpy terrain.  Even on light days, it helps to roll out his muscles and release strain.

Lyves.  I found this songbird completely by mistake.  The moment I heard her seductive, sultry ballads, I became a fan.  Her lyrics and sound give me tingles.


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