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My 5 Favorite Youtuber’s

Ela Gale is not only one of my favorite Youtuber’s, she is also a woman I greatly admire.  She recently took a step back from video production to focus on her travels, photography, and conservation and sustainability efforts.  However, she has still has so many videos on her channel that range from cruelty free recipes and products to inspired living.

Ochikeron is super cute in her presentation which I suppose is the point of her channel’s kawaii theme.  Plus, I always learn something new about Japanese cuisine.

Megan Livingstone is a holistic nutritionist and I find her simple lifestyle and message calming.

Ellen Fisher and her vegan family are such a lovely crew and if or when we ever wanted to start a family, they’re exactly how I’d want to raise mine.

Sarah Nagel creates such unique content that I’ve actually learned a few things by watching her videos.  She’s into crystal healing, food as nourishment and natural beauty.





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