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Self Healing

I posted this last week on my instagram and it’s important to me as I’m on a journey of self discovery and living my truth.  Two of my favorite sayings is the one above and this one: “your trauma is probably not your fault but your healing is your responsibility.”  I first heard this at the most perfect time in my life and it really resonated with me.  Sine then, I’ve really made an effort to be the best version of myself and part of that is focusing on health from every angle, physically, mentally and psychologically.  Here are a few ways that I hold myself accountable.

1. Eating a clean diet.  There’s such a huge correlation between the gut and brain.  They don’t call the gut “the second brain” for just any reason.  Since shifting to a heavier plant based diet, I’ve found that I feel lighter, more energized and less depressed.  There are studies that have found that dense fiber foods ferment in the gut, creating short-chain fatty acids which can influence gene expression.  I now find myself effortlessly nourished and hydrated by focusing on food as fuel.  I feel amazing consuming an abundance of vibrant, alive foods that in turn make me feel vibrant and alive too.  Food is medicine.  This transformation has been so powerful that I’ve been inspired to write an ebook called Beginner Vegan that in all honesty has been ready for awhile now except that I keep adding to it.

2. Meditation.  Now that I’ve begun, I’m wondering why I wasn’t doing it sooner.  This has not only allowed me to bond with my husband on a deeper level, it’s helped soothe my mind, help me slow down and really be conscious of my flow of thoughts.

3. Stretching, moving, swimming, hiking, exploring…and so much more.  Physical exercise has allowed me to gain more endurance, sweat out toxins {literally and figuratively}, and feel stronger.  Again with the correlations, the stronger I feel on the outside, somehow the stronger I feel on the inside.

4. Earthing.  This is a new concept that I just learned about and it’s basically saturating your body in nature.  I’ve mentioned on countless occasions that moving somewhere it’s sunny pretty much year round at a median temperature of 80 degrees was one of the best starts to drastically decreasing my depression and anxiety.  Elaborating on that, the more I find myself in tune with nature, {more connections}, the more I feel in tune with my true inner self.

5. Love yourself.  This includes finding times to be at rest because you know you deserve it, forgiving yourself, being kinder in your self talk, etc.  Our perceptions create our reality.  Understand the quality of thoughts that are flowing through your mind.  If they’re nasty, don’t apply brute force to eliminate them.  Rather, recognize them for what they are and ask yourself if it is helpful, kind or necessary.  I used to only have one work mode and that was to go and go hard.  I didn’t allow myself breaks and would get down really hard on myself if I allowed rest time because part of me believed that my worth was only as strong as my work ethic.  I’m learning to re-train my inner voice: “you are valued beyond what you can produce, you yourself are valuable.”  Learning to love yourself can also mean standing up for your truths both to the outside world and yourself, avoiding negative energy and saying no to situations and people that emit them.  Loving yourself is unique to each individual.  Discover what resonates with you.

Other things I recommend are: swimming naked in the sea, doing something new every day to push your limits of “I can’t,” great sex, rooting yourself in nature, taking “mental health days” where you welcome a day of resetting without guilt, daily positive affirmations including ones about your value and worth, music or nature therapy {or both!}, plant medicine, funneling energy into creative endeavors be it painting, writing {even journaling counts}, sculpting, dancing, skating, baking, crafts, gardening, theater, improv, cosplay, origami, volunteering/mentoring, knitting, teaching yourself new skills, museums, wood working…you get the idea.

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