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Saturday’s On St. Croix – Day In The Life

I look forward to the weekends all week.  I mean, doesn’t everybody?  Before moving to St. Croix, we lived on a small island off of the east coast.  Though it was mighty beautiful, it was hard to ignore the fact that we could only use the beach a few times out of the year.  2 years later, we moved further south to our forever home.

St. Croix is amazing in that there are constantly cultural affairs to attend, rich history that’s steeped in every corner of the island, world class diving, an array of local and modern cuisine, jaw dropping hikes and natural wonders. Plus, the realization that you’re never more than 10 minutes away from any beach is a wonderful thing. St. Croix is also home to one of the best beaches in the world, Turtle Beach on Buck Island {as voted by TravelandLeisure and National Geographic}.

There’s so much to do and if you’re looking for in depth details about every corner of our island with practical tips on daily life or insights on how to make a life here, check out my ebook, Moving To Paradise which features 50 pages of all the steps we took.

Saturdays typically begin with our usual lemon water and green smoothie but after that, we tuck in to a brunch out or on this particular day, pancakes in bed.  They say you’re not suppose to eat in bed but so far, the benefits have far outweighed the bad and it’s become a sort of weekend tradition around here that we both look forward to.

From my ebook, Beginner Vegan.  This is hands down one of my favorite weekend breakfasts.  These cakes are incredibly light and fluffy and I’ve actually conducted a taste test with friends and family who couldn’t tell a difference between these and ones cooked up with conventional ingredients.  If I’m feeling extra indulgent, I’ll top these with coco whip, shaved dark chocolate and raspberries or fresh sliced bananas and vegan salted caramel sauce.

Sundays are reserved for our “lazy day” but Saturdays are typically spent entirely outdoors.  If it’s not snorkeling, we swim or go hiking.  This day we went for a walk after breakfast in and around Frederiksted.

There are historical forts in both towns on island.  This clocktower is by the fort in Frederiksted.  The pier is located in front and also makes for a nice walk.

While we were still out west, J got a cinnamon roll from our favorite gypsy vardo food cart, Nidulari that was as big as my head.

Afterwards, we headed east to hike to several overlooks.

This beauty composed of staggering shards of tectonic rock is located beyond Point Udall, past the sundial and is the eastern most point by travel in the United States.

We hiked further up and ambled around most of the day before working up a sweat and diving into a nearby beach.

Tip: wear your bathing suit beneath your clothes at all times to facilitate spontaneous beach trips.  Even on days when we don’t have plans to hit a beach or the day starts out overcast, more often times than not, we still find our way there and the skies will open up to a cerulean blue.  Reasons #465 why #ILoveSTX : pretty much every day is a good beach day.

We ended the day with a meditation at Mt. Washington

and supper at home with crispy tofu noodle bowls drizzled with creamy peanut sauce and succulent veggie potstickers with Korean dipping sauce {both from my ebook}.

If you’re looking to just concentrate your fun day out east, check out my Ultimate St. Croix Staycation which includes a day trip out to Buck Island.

If you’re looking for a single day itinerary from the cruise port, check out What To Do in Frederiksted – 1 day in St. Croix.

If you’re visiting St. Croix over a weekend, check out my Weekend in St. Croix.

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