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6 Easy Ways to Clear Negative Energy

I’ve always been one to feel emotions very strongly.  Whenever a friend is in trouble, I feel it with them.  Strangers often come up to me to share their woes and I feel compelled to help anyone who is hurting or is in need.  Unfortunately, just being out in public can be overwhelming for me because I feel so much.  Needless to say, there’s a lot of energy that gets stacked up and the following are simple tactics I’ve learned over the years to clear my space, renew my energy and feel centered and balanced.

  1. Meditation.  I’ve talked about what a game changer this has been on my blog and instagram time and time again.  It’s a wonderful mental oasis I can create for myself anytime anywhere and it’s been truly magical.  My practicing Buddhist girlfriend also highly recommends chanting affirmations, especially together with loved ones.
  2. Physically clear your actual space.  Donate.  I actually like to walk around and do this regularly.  If it’s something that I haven’t used in at least 6 months or it doesn’t spark joy, it goes in the donation bin.  Take it a step further and wash all the linens and clean each space.  Even rearranging furniture can set a new tone.  The practice of Feng Shui is an interesting one if you want to read about it.
  3. Earthing.  I spend as much time as I can outdoors.  This slows my pace and helps me appreciate the beauty in simplicity.  I never feel as calm as I do when I’ve spent a great day outdoors.  If you live in a colder region or something else prohibits you from spending as much time outside, open the windows and let fresh air flow though or consider charging your space with negative ions via naturally air purifying plants like mother-in-law’s tongue (there are many more) or utilizing a Himalayan salt lamp.
  4. Burn sage or palo santo.  Palo Santo aka “holy wood” acts much like sage and has been used by shamans for centuries.  I often prefer it since it carries a lighter, more fragrant scent.  Copal incense is another great alternative.
  5. Diffuse essential oils.  I’ve talked about this at length before.  Just make sure you’re diffusing high quality oils.  Different essential oils are great for different things and that’s the beauty about them.  I also like to bathe in them.  There’s a DIY blend for everything from pain to clearing negative energy.
  6. If you’re into crystals, a great beginner purification stone is Black Tourmaline.  They say it’s important to regularly clean these as well.  I actually took mine to Iceland to wash them in the ancient glacial waters.



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