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Holiday 2018 Gift Guide

This amethyst cluster candle holder is not only a beautiful, natural piece, it serves as a beginner crystal as well as a decorative, functional piece.

I’ve been talking about essential oils and its many therapeutic elements a lot with my girlfriend recently, bringing her into the fold.  An intro spa kit such as this would be excellent for any newbie.

doTerra is a quality, trusted brand and I’ve diffused both the balance and serenity for great results and blended the soothing oils into my homemade noni salve for a deep and intensive massage.  You could also tip in a few drops into my easy homemade candles for a DIY gift idea.

I am on a huge passionfruit kick, as evidenced by my last video.  Here’s a local-to-me source that actually delivers!

Lastly, the gift that keeps on giving.  My ebook, Beginner Vegan features my favorite whole foods, plant based staples to make meal prep effortless.  I don’t believe in diets but I do believe in nourishing your body with vibrant and satisfying meals.  It’s about being strong and healthy, not skinny and diet-obsessed.  My ebook contains over 90 pages of recipes, tips, tricks, and encouragement.  This is a rich resource for anyone considering the vegan lifestyle, anyone wanting to just get healthier, or someone who is just interested in easy, better-for-you recipes that includes my master grocery list, how I lost 20 pounds and my digestive issues plus recipes for breakfast, Korean, comfort foods, sauces, desserts, and more!

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