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A Day In The Caribbean Life – Island Birthday

We recently celebrated J’s 35th birthday.  Though it was nothing like last years lavish affair on a private African safari, it was just the blissed out weekend he and I both needed after what seems to be a very packed 2019.  I can’t believe it’s pretty much the end of May already.  Anyone else?  He requested just a few pivotal things: time to do absolutely nothing which could include lazy beach days (where we didn’t see a single soul), hammock swings (our collective happy place), sunsets, fresh local food and drink, and of course, our tradition of birthday morning massages with my noni salve which is J’s favorite DIY I make for him.

J is not a huge fan of sweets so in lieu of a birthday cake, he requested my pecan bars but with a walnut swap.  I whipped up some of his favorite meals and one evening, we went into town to indulge at his favorite restaurant.  I think it was the first time we dressed up in 2 years.  We witnessed some pretty epic sunsets, with a very special tropical drink I created just for him in the video, making use of the abundance of passionfruit we harvested earlier in the day.  It wouldn’t be us without sneaking in some sort of hike and I was particularly proud of this one.  It was the very first time I’d ever half-sprinted up Goat Hill without stopping even once.  I’ll admit it was a challenge, but I’m so proud of myself for doing it and we made it for sunset …on the dot!

So much serendipity has flowed into our lives in the past few years.  J’s birthday was yet another reminder of that.  Though we planned pretty much nothing, we experienced everything.  I can’t tell you how many moments, be it through our travels or just an ordinary day, have cracked my soul open to exhilarating joy, so much so that I will weep.  I think it’s important to stay open and those moments just get drawn to you like a magnet.  I also attribute it to committing to working together in meaningful ways.  Some of those ways have included dedicated time outdoors, breaking tons of sweats together, diving deeply into meditation, making time for play, and eating as clean as we can – with regular indulgences! We’ve also been facing our fears and putting in the hard work.  I’ve been reading a lot more lately and recently came upon, “the magic is in the work you’ve been avoiding.”  Perhaps most important of all has been saturating in gratitude.  It changes everything.

We have reveled in our simple living philosophy and that has opened up to more joy and the gratitude in every day.  I often get asked what island living is like in the Caribbean.  It is not without its flaws, but for every stressful day, there are clear aquamarine waters waiting to envelope you, another peak of a mountain to welcome you to yet another stunning tip top view, or juicy ripe fruit to make life sweet again.  Obviously, there’s more to it than that and for some, it won’t rival to all the stateside conveniences as those are rare here, but for our island family that have stayed, they stay for a reason.  If you’re also interested in island living, check out my extensive resource, Moving to Paradise.  It outlines everything you need to know (and everything I wish I’d known) before moving here!

We are still as adventurous as ever and as soon as time allows, we can’t wait to see where in the world we’ll travel to next!

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