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Healthy Cinnamon Rolls

cinnamon rolls

Healthy cinnamon rolls that are also paleo, vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free {and raw, if you aim for them to be} are seemingly everything but in actuality, came to fruition by accident.  One of the many perks of being friends with farmers on our little rock is the wonderful gift of tropical fruit.  However,… read more

Korean Potato Salad

Korean potato salad, on a Korean bapsang {table} as a regular banchan {side dish}.  I initially thought it was weird.  I’ll admit it.  Growing up, I’d become accustomed to enjoying it with fried chicken or at picnics and bbq’s whenever I’d be invited by friends.  Eating it with kimchi and rice seemed…strange.  However, as with… read more

Korean Street Toast

Korean street toast is a new{ish} phenomenon.  All of my friends and colleagues returning from trips to Korea gushed about this yummy on-the-go breakfast that was well worth the long lines and hype.  Its seemingly humble package of eggs in buttery toast will wow you at first bite.  I knew I had to try it… read more

Superfood Dog Treats

We recently celebrated our “Nala-versary” on the 4th of July.  One year ago on that day, we found our little girl, cowering in the rainforest, scared, emaciated and flea-ridden and she’s come such a long way since.  You can watch her story here.  Funny thing is, just one week before, I was telling my husband… read more

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