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Cheese Bombs – Garlic Butter Cheese Stuffed Rolls

In our house, we call these cheese bombs, thanks to the best part about them: their hot, molten cheesy center.  While the gooey cheese steals the spotlight here, the soft fluffy roll surrounding it isn’t to be forgotten.  I love this recipe because it’s a bread recipe that comes up in 15 minutes {not counting the 30 minute inactive rise time} and only calls for 5 ingredients, if you’re counting the water.  It can easily be doubled, tripled, etc and freezes and stores well.  Talk about a great multi-tasker!

The last time I made these for supper, I served them with haricots verts dressed with crispy shallots and toasted almonds and rosemary roasted chicken and my guests were beyond impressed.  The fact that it took me minimal effort will be our little secret.  That’s the great thing about these stuffed rolls.  They are impressive with their quality of good homemade bread but further elevated with melting cheese hiding in the center.  Oh, and did I forget to mention the garlic butter bath?  I simply combined 2 tablespoons of ghee {clarified butter} with 1 ts garlic powder or 2 ts freshly minced garlic with salt to taste.  Don’t be afraid to be liberal with the butter brush.


March 2017 Favorites

I got spoiled with our weekly CSA when for several weeks, we received an abundance of figs.  When they stopped coming, I went into withdrawal.  I love their jammy goodness and they always remind me of my father whose favorite snacks are fig newtons.  That’s when I found these sundried figs.  They’re not exactly the same but are a great secondary option, especially if you can’t get fresh figs where you are or they’re not in season anymore.  I also like them because they’re moist, unsulphured and have no added sugars.  I’ve been adding them to my coyo and smoothie bowls.

For tea, I typically reach for something more delicate like silver needle, but if I’m looking for a bolder taste, I enjoy sipping on PG tips.  It’s something that my British friend introduced me to in college.  I still have fond memories of us sitting on our shared patio, catching up in the short gap before the craziness of the day began.

This next one sounded funny to me when I first started looking into it but it’s actually been a wonderful beauty balm.  For those that have adverse reactions to coconut oil on their skin, sesame oil is a great alternative.  It’s light weight, absorbs quickly and is particularly wonderful after dry brushing.

Truffle salt sounds bougie {ok, so it kind of is} but it’s not something I would’ve ever bought for myself, at least not until it was recently gifted to me.  I’ve since reconsidered.  This black truffle salt adds such a nice umami hit to simple dishes that it doesn’t even need anything else.  It’s earthy, aromatic and delicious on everything from popcorn to eggs and a light dusting goes a long way.

To round out this months favorites is my very own noni salve.

I found the mosquitoes to be particularly aggressive in Thailand and when I got home, I had little spots all over my arms and legs.  I used my salve on all the bites and in less than a week, they were diminished to almost nothing.  5 stars all the way.

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