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Pumpkin Spice – 3 Healthy Breakfast Recipes


#PumpkinSpiceEverything am I right?  SO many of you guys have requested pumpkin spice recipes for my channel and I’ve created 3 healthy and delicious ways to enjoy pumpkin spice for breakfast.  These are recipes that you can either create the night before and take along with you on-the-go or prepare within minutes for those crazed […]

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Bacon Jerky

Bacon Jerky

J is the biggest bacon lover I’ve ever met.  I thought I was a fan of bacon until I met him.  When we first started dating, we swapped silly stories and his was about that time he consumed a pound of bacon every day for a week.  Can you imagine my dramatic jaw drop?  In […]

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Healthy Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast Cookies

  Why not have cookies for breakfast?  I know for me, the thought of enjoying dessert first thing in the morning has always motivated me to get out of the bed without hitting the snooze button for the millionth time.  These breakfast cookies are soft, chewy, and gently sweet, filled with some of my favorite […]

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Monkey Bread

The Best Monkey Bread EVER

Monkey bread is beautifully composed of pillowy soft balls of dough that are buttered, rolled in sugar and spice then soaked in gooey, sticky caramel sauce.  It goes by so many different names, it’s hard to keep track of all of them.  Monkey bread aka African coffee cake, bubble loaf, monkey puzzle bread, pinch me […]

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Steamed Panda Buns 찐빵

Korean Hopbang Steamed Panda Buns

I grew up eating these puffy buns.  Ours were always stuffed with sweetened red bean.  I didn’t even realize you could have them with anything else!  Of course, I know better now and can highly recommend a variety of fillings ranging from nutella to mozzarella melted into marinara but most importantly in this video, I’ll […]

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Cinnamon Rolls

The BEST soft and Fluffy Cinnamon Rolls

Is there anything quite like a cinnamon roll?  Pillowy swirls tucked with warm spices served hot with oozing cream cheese icing is sure to turn any frown upside down!       5.0 from 4 reviews Cinnamon Rolls   Save Print Prep time 90 mins Cook time 15 mins Total time 1 hour 45 mins […]

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Scones + Tips & Tricks

Moist Soft Pumpkin Scones

Have you ever had a dry, crumbly and flavorless scone?  I have.  Countless times.  I decided long ago that I’d banish those to replace them with the words moist, soft, tender, and buttery.  This is exactly what my recipe will bring you.  There are several tips and tricks that I share with you in this […]

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French Toast

Easy Delicious French Toast How To Recipe

Pudgy and delicately sweet, this French toast is a breeze to make and it’s something I’m looking forward to eating in bed this weekend. 5.0 from 3 reviews French Toast   Save Print Prep time 5 mins Cook time 10 mins Total time 15 mins   Author: The Squishy Monster Serves: 1 Ingredients 1 room […]

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Soft Fluffy White Bread

Soft Fluffy Bread

When asked what I couldn’t live without, one of my answers would most certainly include bread.  I swoon at just the sight of soft, hot bread, straight out of the oven and relish the act of smearing butter and jam on thick, pillowy slices.  This recipe produces the softest, fluffiest bread ever.  It’s a joy […]

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Scrambled Eggs

Perfect scrambled eggs tips and tricks how to recipe

This method will provide creamy, fluffy, scrambled eggs each and every time.  I’ve expressed my affinity for the ole’ humble egg before and I love its versatility but sometimes, I crave a straightforward dish with them like these perfect scrambled eggs.  Minutes into it, I’ve settled down snugly into my little breakfast nook with hot, […]

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