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Pumpkin Spice – 3 Healthy Breakfast Recipes


#PumpkinSpiceEverything am I right?  SO many of you guys have requested pumpkin spice recipes for my channel and I’ve created 3 healthy and delicious ways to enjoy pumpkin spice for breakfast.  These are recipes that you can either create the night before and take along with you on-the-go or prepare within minutes for those crazed […]

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Crunchy 10 Minute Homemade Chips


Whoa, that’s a mouthful but the recipe I want to share with you today is precisely that. A mouthful of crunchy homemade chips that can be whipped up in 10 minutes without a fryer or dehydrator. Better still is the fact that the same technique can be applied to any root vegetable and I even […]

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Cherry Cheesecake Mochi 찹쌀떡

Cherry Cheesecake Mochi

My most popular video to date is my mocha mochi video and for good reason.  It’s wonderfully soft and tender with a burst of chocolatey goodness tucked in the middle.  Not to mention, it’s incredibly simple to make.  It takes all of 10 minutes to make the mochi wrapper which can then envelope an endless list […]

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Korean LA Rice Cakes 찹쌀떡


Growing up, I would have these squidgy little rice cakes on-the-go for breakfast.  A Korean hybrid granola bar, if you will.  Inside these chewy baked rice cakes, my mother would pack in a traditional mix of adzuki beans, chestnuts or raisins and as a child, I was happy to enjoy them as they were delightfully […]

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Coconut Macaroons

Coconut Macaroons Chocolate

There are several reasons I enjoy these cookies.  First, I’m a fan of all coconut products. Then, there’s the fact that they’re slightly crisp on the edges yet soft and chewy in the center. Plus, they’re easy peasy, just using one bowl and come together in no time at all. Try these today because you’re […]

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Yogurt, Homemade + Greek Yogurt

2 ingredient homemade greek yogurt

Though we’re back to cold rainy days next week, at least someone got the memo about it being the first day of spring today.  Oh sunshine, won’t you stay? For the following weeks, whether the weather decides to cooperate or not, I’ve planned an arsenal of fresh and light recipes for y’all, starting with my […]

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Flourless Chocolate Paleo Brownies

Pealo Brownies with dates Recipe

So what exactly is paleo?  It’s a primal diet including whole foods of wild plants and animals while excluding grains, legumes, dairy, sugar or refined oils.  Though it’s not something I personally practice, I can appreciate its sentiment and have several friends that have encouraged me to explore this lifestyle.  I have to say, I’ve […]

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Easy Mocha Mochi Rice Cakes 찹쌀떡

Mocha Mochi Korean rice cakes Recipe

Making homemade mochi rice cakes doesn’t have to be a long winded affair.  It’s true that traditionally, it’s a more difficult, tedious task between pounding steaming sticky dough and standing over a large hot pot that could itself burn you just as badly as the hot mochi dough and it definitely takes as much elbow […]

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2 Ingredient Cake

2 Ingredient cake

Say what? Now, I have to be honest.  This cake came to fruition on one of those lean-ration days when my fridge bulb seemed to stare back blankly at me, apathetic to a grumbling tummy because I’d failed to feed it first.  Fair enough.  I managed to gather some eggs {which is forever my default} […]

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Strawberry Rhubarb Ice Cream

photo 2

My friends stare at me with wonder when they check out the limited kitchen equipment/utensils in my arsenal.  I’m a minimalist at heart and can’t stand clutter and this translates into the kitchen as well so I never think to purchase an ice cream machine.  It seems heavy and bulky and just one more thing […]

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