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Things I Don’t Ever Buy + What I Use Instead


I’ve been a minimalist since before it was a trending hashtag.  It was just the way of life in our family.  We didn’t grow up with much and had to make do with what we had.  This turned me into a resourceful adult and today, it’s just second nature.  It aligns with my love more

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How to Minimize Waste – Zero Waste


DIY.  I’m a huge DIY lover as you can probably tell from my video recipes I’ve shared with you over the years.  However, beyond taking a more natural approach, it also dramatically cuts down on packaging.  It seriously pains me when I see elaborately packaged goods being torn into and tossed carelessly into a more

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Simple Living : 7 Tips for Minimalism


Living simply has been my way of life for as long as I could remember.  Granted, it was more of a necessity than a trendy lifestyle when I learned how to make the most of what I had.  Growing up, we just didn’t have a lot and mountains of birthday and Christmas toys were more

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So You Want To Move To A Tropical Island?


Me and my husband got married on our 3 year anniversary.  One month later, we moved to our second island home in St. Croix.  When we first came together, we knew that we wanted to do life differently.  The prospect of the daily grind just to afford a tropical vacation at the end of more

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