From Cupcakes to Traditional Korean Food and Everything in Between


Easy Pumpkin Cheesecake Mug Cake


You guys loved my easy no-bake 5 minute microwave brownies so much that I decided to do a single serve no-bake cake with all the flavors of autumn.  This one is a winner with tender, softly spiced pumpkin cake and the easiest creamy cheesecake swirled right in.  It’s the best of both worlds and it only […]

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Korean Radish – 3 Ways & Recipes


There’s nothing quite like the magical Korean radish in my book.  It truly possesses transformative powers with its capacity to be bright and fruity at one moment then chewy and crisp the next.  There are actually several dozen ways to prepare Korean radish.  My father even enjoys them straight and raw.  It’s a testament to […]

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Healthy Meal Prep for Breakfast, Lunch and Snack


Today is all about creating satisfying and convenient meals to-go for busy adults and kids alike.  I love dedicating a portion of my weekend preparing nutritious and delicious meals like the ones I’ll be sharing with you today because not only does it prevent hunger melt downs from happening, I can feel good about grabbing […]

Easy Vegetable Fried Rice


I grew up eating my mother’s fried rice.  It was one of the best things ever.  It was always satisfying, straight-forward and arrived in a flash, steaming and piled high.  Tossed in the mix were always surprising nuggets of this or that, eager to please everyone with its variety.  My favorite ones were those stuffed […]

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Healthy Halloween Candy – Homemade Coconut Oil Chocolate


Are you someone who enjoys healthy treats but still want them to be simple and satisfying?  Then this recipe is for you!  These little molded chocolates are truly magical.  Not only have they been regularly satisfying my chocolate cravings, they’re simple, satisfying and oh so sinfully divine.  Did I also mention that they’re raw, vegan […]

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Easy Apple Cider From Scratch


Autumn is in the air and nothing says it quite like warm apple cider.  Too often, I find recipes that call for store-bought bottled cider and it makes me want to weep.  It feels counter intuitive really, to take the thick golden nectar of cider and zap it in the microwave or simply plunk another […]

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Pumpkin Spice – 3 Healthy Breakfast Recipes


#PumpkinSpiceEverything am I right?  SO many of you guys have requested pumpkin spice recipes for my channel and I’ve created 3 healthy and delicious ways to enjoy pumpkin spice for breakfast.  These are recipes that you can either create the night before and take along with you on-the-go or prepare within minutes for those crazed […]

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Halloween Severed Finger Cookies

These severed finger cookies are gory and creepy but in the best way.  They’re not only fun to make, the reactions you’ll get alone are well worth it.  J recently took these to work with him and he told me his receptionist was horrified.  I don’t know if that makes me a bit twisted but […]

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3 Easy No Bake Dessert Recipes


All 3 of the desserts I want to share with you today are fast, easy and no-bake.  Each one individually only takes mere minutes to whip up and they’re immediately satisfying.  My favorite from the line up has got to be a tie between the apple pie smoothie and magical chocolate pudding. The apple pie […]

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Crunchy 10 Minute Homemade Chips


Whoa, that’s a mouthful but the recipe I want to share with you today is precisely that. A mouthful of crunchy homemade chips that can be whipped up in 10 minutes without a fryer or dehydrator. Better still is the fact that the same technique can be applied to any root vegetable and I even […]

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