Homemade Candles with 2 Ingredients
Serves: 3-4 mini jelly/mason jars {4 oz each}
  • .375 lbs organic beeswax
  • 4 tb coconut oil
Other materials
  • 3-4 jars/teacups/shells {4 oz each}
  • Square braided wicks w/ tabs {I had #4 on hand}
  • Optional: pure essential oils/dried decorations
  1. Grate the beeswax {or use pellets}.
  2. Melt the beeswax either in a double boiler or in the microwave. Go low and slow and gradually reach 180* Do not go high or fast.
  3. Off the heat, stir in the coconut oil.
  4. Wait a couple minutes and add drops of your favorite essential oils, if using.
  5. Coil the excess wick on a stick and balance on the tops of each jar to help stabilize the tab.
  6. Pour a bit into each glass. Wait 3-5 minutes and pour in the rest.
  7. Allow to set a few hours, trim each wick and enjoy.
Recipe by The Squishy Monster at http://thesquishymonster.com/2015/02/homemade-candles-with-2-ingredients.html