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7 Ways I’m Getting Into The Holiday Spirit

It’s often hard on a little tropical rock like ours to get into the holiday spirit, especially when it’s pretty much 85 degrees all year round but, I’m hardly complaining.  I’m grateful we’re not bombarded with ads and billboards.  Back in the states, I’d grab holiday-themed lattes with friends bundled up in my scarf and… read more

Tinted Lip Balm – Easy, Organic 3 Ingredient Lip Stain

3 organic ingredients for a natural lip stain that’s naturally beautifying with protective oils, vitamins, and antioxidants. This easy DIY is quick and simple, perfect to gift this holiday season. All the moisture, shine and blush minus the toxic chemicals, artifical colors and scents. My lip balm videos are some of my most popular ones.… read more

Holiday 2018 Gift Guide

This amethyst cluster candle holder is not only a beautiful, natural piece, it serves as a beginner crystal as well as a decorative, functional piece. I’ve been talking about essential oils and its many therapeutic elements a lot with my girlfriend recently, bringing her into the fold.  An intro spa kit such as this would… read more

6 Easy Ways to Clear Negative Energy

I’ve always been one to feel emotions very strongly.  Whenever a friend is in trouble, I feel it with them.  Strangers often come up to me to share their woes and I feel compelled to help anyone who is hurting or is in need.  Unfortunately, just being out in public can be overwhelming for me… read more

St. Croix Jump Up

A long weekend is always welcome but this one was particularly delicious as it capped off a whirlwind of a month with a nice and relaxing end.  We enjoyed a laid back Thanksgiving  meal with island fam then attended the largest Jump Up of the year in Christiansted.  ‘Jump up’ means ‘to dance’ and simply… read more

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