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6 Easy Ways to Clear Negative Energy

I’ve always been one to feel emotions very strongly.  Whenever a friend is in trouble, I feel it with them.  Strangers often come up to me to share their woes and I feel compelled to help anyone who is hurting or is in need.  Unfortunately, just being out in public can be overwhelming for me… read more

St. Croix Jump Up

A long weekend is always welcome but this one was particularly delicious as it capped off a whirlwind of a month with a nice and relaxing end.  We enjoyed a laid back Thanksgiving  meal with island fam then attended the largest Jump Up of the year in Christiansted.  ‘Jump up’ means ‘to dance’ and simply… read more

Why You Shouldn’t Move To St. Croix

You shouldn’t move to St. Croix {or the Caribbean} if… If you need all the modern conveniences that stateside living has to offer There are no ubers, postmates, amazon prime and the like.  Chain restaurants (we have maybe 3 or 4) are rare and free shipping doesn’t seem to apply.  The one “mall” we had… read more

We Moved + St. Croix Island Life Update

You know how it says when it rains it pours?  In this case, it’s been very literal.  The past two weeks have seen torrential rainstorms and we experienced blackouts and loss in phone and internet service (which the latter for me lasted for more than a week).  This time was also during J’s sailing trip… read more

Live Aboard Sailboat – Pros and Cons – Sailboat Living

About a month ago, we were very very close to committing to a live-aboard sailboat.  I’m a firm believer in going with the flow and an amazing opportunity presented itself so in typical Angela fashion, I flew into research mode and even recruited 2 captain friends and a couple who currently live on a sailboat… read more

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