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June 2017 Favorites

Here is Ms. Nala wearing her Amber Crown raw Baltic amber collar.  Since we got her, I have been searching high and low for a safer alternative to flea collars.  I’m happy to report that this one is 100% organic and odor free.  It’s even safe to use around nursing mothers, children or those with… read more

Japanese Matcha Cheesecake

My Japanese cotton soft cheesecake has an encore today with these fluffy matcha cheesecakes.  Unlike American cheesecake, these have an incredibly fluffy crumb, melt in your mouth and are part chiffon, part sponge and completely delicious {hence the “cotton soft” part}.  I won’t lie to you.  These aren’t the easiest cakes in the world.  On… read more

Butter Mochi Cake

I first had the joy of sinking my teeth into butter mochi several years ago in Hawaii.  There are so many delicious culinary experiences from that trip but butter mochi stood out with its particular texture and simple pleasure.  It looks quite unassuming, like a nude vanilla cake but upon further investigation, it’s so much… read more

May 2017 Favorites

I love St. Croix but there isn’t much for recycling on the island.  It pains me to see stacks of styrofoam containers for to-go options when I’m dining out.  Did you know that it can take 500+ years for it to even begin to break down?  Then, there are the plastic straws/lids, utensils… Lately, I’ve… read more

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