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Cruzan Rum Lollipops


Cruzan rum pretty much reigns supreme here in St. Croix.  I’ve used it for everything from salted caramel rum sauce to Oreo rum balls so why not rum lollipops?  With the holidays coming up, these would not only make fun hostess gifts, they’d be great adult stocking stuffers too.  Do keep in mind that more

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Salted Caramel Candies


For me, every food has a bit of nostalgia tied to it.  Caramel macchiatos instantly take me back to high school when I worked as a barista.  Most Saturday mornings were spent at the crack of dawn, stifling yawns while peddling espressos to the antiquing-mini-van-mom or overachievers (I mean really, who voluntarily gets up more

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