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How To Handle Negative Thoughts


Last week, I was so overcome by the day, I started crying.  A slew of unfortunate events had begun to pile up and I just started wailing.  I recognized I was under stress and noticed the negative thoughts swimming in my head.  I cried it out and you know what?  Two things happened.  The more

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Super Foods For Super Women


As you all know, October marks Breast Cancer Awareness month.  As a foodie, I apply “food logic” to most (if not all) things.  The right foods can boost your mood, metabolism, and overall health (and happiness)!  Some of the following are foods that we should all try to eat more of (even greedy little more

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A Whole Story


It’s been at least a year in coming…signs plastered in a vacant lot that told of a Whole Foods finally coming into town, brewing excitement for me comparable to my girlfriends reactions when it was announced that high end couture shops would be opening up at the mall.  I couldn’t have cared less about more

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