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Fruit Bouquet


Happy mother’s day to all you gorgeous mama’s out there…{cheers to you Mama Squishy}!!! This year, we’re hosting a bbq with grilled surf and turf with all the fixin’s, a blushing sangria, and this edible fruit bouquet as our centerpiece.  A quick scan online shows that they cost a pretty penny when you have more

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Kale Blueberry Chia Smoothie


I have long professed my love for this smoothie. It’s part of my daily routine and helps me feel good all day. I’ve never been one to gravitate towards coffee or energy drinks (though I’ll do a decaf latte once in awhile, I’ve never really consumed either and the latter never). I know, love, more

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Dinner Under $10 Challenge


Who doesn’t like to save money?  For me, it’s all about having more money to buy more food.  Seriously, that’s my personal logic behind it all I decided this week that I would take on a challenge to see if I could whip up dinner for 4 for under $10.  Results?  A grand total more

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Kale Chips


A random, silly snapshot–of me being random & silly. This morning, I look in my fridge and discover my bunch of kale waaay in the back–neglected and lonesome.  To be frank, I’d completely forgotten about it which is completely unlike me.  In regards to food, I’m a bit fanatic and like a walking rolodex ( more

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