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korean bbq

Korean BBQ Chicken Wings


Koreans are really big on both barbecue and crispy chicken wings so it only felt natural to marry the two.  Today’s recipe feature baked wings that despite never touching a fryer, come out juicy and crisp.  They get glazed in a syrupy Korean barbecue sauce that is savory, salty, sweet and delicious.  The sauce more

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Korean BBQ Bulgogi 3 Ways 불고기


Korean BBQ bulgogi reimagined in 3 different, unique and delicious ways. Our affinity for grilled meat is great in our household.  Considering the grand affair that Koreans like to make of tabletop barbecue, it only makes sense.  Pork belly to ribs, we love it all. Todays video is all about Korean bulgogi which literally translates more

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Korean BBQ Jerky


It wasn’t until this year that I began experimenting with making my own jerky at home. After the first couple of batches, I realized how easy it is to make. Also, I’m perpetually hungry so I always have a snack nearby and jerky is great because it’s light weight, a great source of protein, more

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Korean BBQ LA Galbi Ribs 갈비


Deeply marinated Korean BBQ ribs are my favorite meat dish of all time. These are so flavorful and juicy, you’ll require them at your next BBQ! Galbi is my favorite type of Korean barbecue.  I think it’s something primal about enjoying meat off the bone {which also imparts a richer flavor}.  I find that it’ more

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Korean BBQ Pizza


The last time I went to Korea, my cousins took me to “Pizza Hut.”  It seemed like everything had corn on it.  It bothered me then, but I’ve really latched onto the concept since.  It echoes my childhood breakfasts of canned beans and corn.  Now this “pizza” doesn’t have corn on it, (but it could)! more

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Catchin’ up with Mama =D

My Mama happens to be super busy –why, between catching up with her 3 Children (I’m her favorite –duh!  LOL), having a full time job, her many charity works with my Dad (being a wife too), and being super involved in their Church.  I usually only get to see her on Sundays (her only more

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