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Gettin’ Sexy for a Sexy Friday Night…

Ah-NO! (or do I mean Ah-Choo)?!

My nose hurts, won’t stop running (I think there’s a joke about that, I forget…lol)… and I’ve lost my voice.  Being sick sucks.  Aside from the incessant body aches, super sexy physical inflictions involving a Rudolph Red Nose and puffy everything…there’s this sneaky bastard that sneaks up on you carrying a thick blanket of depression when you’re already much too hot and you’re too tired to fight it off.  I think it’s the fact that you’re practically quarantined in your room, defeated into a weakened state, drunk with too much sleep to even drag yourself downstairs to fix yourself a sandwich.  It’s the feeling of helplessness most often associated with infants or those waaay past retirement age.  You feel silly and have the will to get up and do as you normally do but your stubborn body won’t allow you.  You start feeling resentful that you’ve now watched the infomercial for Jack Lalanne’s power juicer! like a million times and that your butt hurts from just sitting there and you feel brittle and too wet all at the same time (ya feel me)?

Baby brother is home visiting from college so that’s always a bright ray of sunshine for me even on the darkest and gloomiest of days.  He also made deans list (which is one of my most favorite Christmas presents)!  A special someone also came and made me homemade soup,

brought me cookies, and these darling things.

Pink is my favorite color –and it happens to be the color of my nose at the moment!

Also, I eventually made it downstairs and was nearly hanging off the couch 1/2 bored and about to go crazy and 1/2 feeling sorry for myself.  I must have fallen asleep but awoke to someone ringing the crap out of my doorbell.  I think at first, I dreamed it.  It eventually blended into reality.  When I went to open it, the UPS lady kind of shrank back and wrinkled her nose for a quick millisecond of a moment…I promise.  And it most definitely is not a hallucination on account of the many meds I’d taken earlier.  Promise…lol.

I got this:

Bundled in thick, creamy boxes and tucked in delicate rice paper I received the most gorgeous embroidered hand mirror set complete with an embroidered phoenix jewelry box.  Both traditional Korean pieces I won via blogging for Korea Taste  It’s like a belated Christmas present!  You betchya it put a great big smile on my face!

These made the journey all the way from Korea.  The hand mirror features a pair of ducks hand stitched on the back.  It symbolizes eternal true love.  It’s said that if one of them passes, the other never has eyes for anyone else and dies very soon thereafter.  It’s tradition for a groom to send such a mirror to his bride before the wedding “as an expression of love” reads the tag that came with my mirror.

My box is embroidered with a BONGHWANG: which is said to be the most beautiful and mysterious of birds….it lives only in paulownia coreana and was used often in the imperial court to represent longevity and happiness.

Korea taste even wrote me a card.

These are both apparently hand woven with silk threads and both are suppose to bring me luck!

So sickness…you nasty thing–ya heard!!  I’ve got some authentic Korean keepsakes that’ll kick your butt if you don’t leave—sooooon!!!

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