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St. Croix Food and Wine: Wine in the Warehouse

Named one of the top 10 international food and wine events, Wine in the Warehouse was the 2017 St. Croix Food and Wine’s 4th event out of their lineup.  Hosted by Bohlke Hangar and Southern Glazer, it featured wines from all over the world and Top Chef competitor, Ron Duprat and James Beard and Iron Chef winner, Sam Choy all in the spirit of cultivating community and giving back.


April 2017 Favorites

Another rendition of my favorite green smoothie {down below} and my favorite item from the Taste swag bag, a shirt with St. Croix outlined on it.

Geranium essential oil is my newest addition to my collection and it has not disappointed.  I primarily got it to add to my skin care DIYS as it’s known for its healing and anti-aging properties though I first found out about it from my girlfriend who used it to clear her heart chakra.  To rack up even more brownie points, it smells like lychee {to me}.

I came back from Thailand with a ton of these coconut bowls and you guys have been asking where I got them from.  Mine were from one nondescript vendor from a night market while we were there but these are quite similar and as an added bonus, they come with a pair of matching spoons.

You guys know I’m obsessed with moringa but a ton of you guys wrote in to ask me what another viable alternative is since you can’t source fresh moringa where you are.  I did my research for awhile {sorry for the wait!} and discovered Daily Green Boost’s barley grass powder.  I like it since it’s organic, raw and gluten free for those of you with different dietary needs.  It’s also alkalizing, detoxifying and rich in vitamins/antioxidants.  My moringa is spicy and this is earthy {it kind of tastes like good matcha to me} so ripe bananas are your best friends in both instances to whip it up into a thick, “ice-creamy” concoction.  I also like it with jackfruit or mango.

My daily smoothie consists of something like a glass of coconut water with 2 handfuls of moringa or 2 tablespoons of Daily Green Boost, 1 tablespoon each of chia and hemp seeds {sometimes pumpkin seeds}, 4 frozen spotty bananas and another sweet fruit.  Pineapple or blueberries are also very nice.  I’ve actually made a chocolate version as well and it’s very delicious!  I eyeballed a mixture of coconut milk/young coconut meat, 4-6 ripe frozen bananas, 2 tablespoons of Daily Green Boost, 2 tablespoons of cacao and several medjool dates.

Fresh persimmons are one of my absolute favorite fruits but seeing as how they’re not in season and even if they were, there wouldn’t be any on the island of St. Croix, I’ve taken to enjoying these to satisfy both my sweet tooth and persimmon craving.  You get a full pound and they’re intensely sweet and chewy, just how I remember from my childhood.

This sauce!

We’ve been tossing lots of crispy tofu in it but it’s also been crazy tasty on chicken wings, as a marinade and as a noodle sauce.


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