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St. Croix Restaurant Spotlight: Ciboné in Frederiksted

Today, I had the opportunity to sit down with Chef Lamar.  He’s a local chef who is crafting together farm to table dishes at Ciboné, which is a restaurant located in Frederiksted on the West End of St. Croix.  His passion for local culture and food was evident in sharing with me how his goal has always been to return to his birthplace to serve and be amongst the community that he loves.  It’s a community that nourished and nurtured him and now, he’s giving back.

I love bearing witness to stories like Lamar’s.  It’s no doubt, inspiring but it’s also wonderful to understand this beautiful cycle that our little rock can produce.  St. Croix can be found in Lamar’s thoughtfully prepared dishes like the one I enjoyed for Sunday brunch.  I feasted on an omelette featuring local eggs, veggies and lobster.  Land and sea.  It’s a perfect gathering of St. Croix abundance on a plate.  Soft, fluffy eggs wrapped sweet succulent lobster with ribbons of local greens to lend both color and substance.  We enjoyed our meal alfresco on their outdoor dining patio and while the restaurant is located centrally within Frederiksted town, it was tucked back into a quiet alcove with the delicious Caribbean breeze sweeping through and the palm trees providing shade.

Chef Lamar/Raspberry Mojito/Fish Soup via

Check out their Sunday brunch 10-3 and tell them I sent ya!


What My Husband Eats in a Work Week 2

Part I.

Most mornings this week were all about green smoothies following lemon water but on Monday, I felt particularly industrious and we enjoyed cheesy grit bowls with spicy chicken sausage, poached eggs and scallions on the backyard together.

We also got to have lunch with each other that day and both got clubs at our favorite seaside deli.

Burrito bowls with a base of cauliflower rice sautéed with caramelized garlic and onion, lentil chili, corn, lettuce, tomatoes and recao.

Veggie burgers on sprouted wheat bread with lettuce, tomato and J’s homemade hot sauce.  I simply roasted random leftover bits of veggies at 450 for 10 minutes then pulsed it all together in a food processor with soaked oats and chia/flax egg until it came together.  It really helps to chill the mixture to keep the mixture cohesive.

To round out the week, J requested roasted chicken.  We save by purchasing whole antibiotic free chickens.  White meat often gets reserved for enchiladas or salads with dark meat for roasting or grilling.  The leftovers get cooked into broth for our puppy, Nala.  This is rosemary and lemon chicken on a bed of roasted cauliflower, peppers, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and fennel.

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