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Bacon Jerky

Bacon Jerky

J is the biggest bacon lover I’ve ever met.  I thought I was a fan of bacon until I met him.  When we first started dating, we swapped silly stories and his was about that time he consumed a pound of bacon every day for a week.  Can you imagine my dramatic jaw drop?  In his defense, he had just turned 16 and gotten his drivers license.  It had occurred to him on the drive home from school one day that he could take himself wherever he wanted.  This newfound freedom found him making a beeline to the nearest market for his favorite indulgence and lo and behold…that infamous week where he ate nothing but bacon {not really, but a pound a day is still crazy extreme}.  I’m happy to report that today, his blood pressure and cholesterol levels are normal but we still enjoy our hot weekend breakfasts complete with bacon, eggs, and pancakes every Saturday morning and once in awhile, I’ll whip up his favorite bacon jerky.  He claims that this honey sriracha  bacon jerky only elevates his favorite food in the entire world.  Now that’s saying something.

If you’re even half as big of a bacon-lover as J is, you need to try this bacon jerky.  Not only does it allow you to enjoy bacon throughout the day at any given moment, it can be crisp and chewy, smoky and meaty, sweet and salty with a hit of spice all at the same time. It’s quite wonderful to pack along a hike.  Have you ever thoughtfully chewed on a thick cut of bacon jerky while standing on top of a mountain?  Me neither, but it sounds epic.

I think one of the most exciting parts of this bacon jerky is the slow building heat that’s mellowed out by the honey.  You have the option of using homemade sriracha or reaching for that classic rooster sauce.  You can always add more or less to suit your personal taste.  I find it’s a wonderful compliment to the natural smokiness of the bacon.  I’ve made this recipe with both extra thick cut and standard cut bacon and not only does the time vary for each, it also differs in the finished product.  I like the standard cut for a crispier bacon-chip like experience while the thicker variety is better suited for a more tender, meatier bacon-candy.  I’ve discovered that pancetta also works really nicely here too.

Though this bacon jerky takes a bit longer, it’s definitely one of those simple set it and forget it recipes that won’t have you slaving in the kitchen for hours or days for satisfaction, just like with my Korean bbq beef jerky.  Plus, you can make a huge batch of different flavors and really control the quality of bacon you source.  It could be bacon bliss for days…just make sure it doesn’t become a pound-a-day habit 😉

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Bacon Jerky
Serves: 10-12 pieces
  • ½ lb thick cut antibiotic free bacon
  • 2 tb sriracha sauce
  • 2 tb raw honey
  1. Drape each slice on a baking rack that's fitted on a baking sheet to collect the grease. I chopped mine in half for easier handling.
  2. Bake at 200* {or your lowest heat setting} for 2-3 hours. Occasionally, blot each piece.
  3. If using a dehydrator {which is much easier} transfer to a dehydrator. If not, continue in the oven. Half way in, flavor with anything you want. I painted each slice with a combination of sriracha and honey.
  4. Allow the dehydrator {or oven} to go for 3-4 hours or until its reached your desired texture. It will take longer in the oven.


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