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Baobab – How to Make Baobab Powder At Home


Baobab, the super fruit from the tree of life (or upside down tree) that has reigned as a life giver possessing life giving and medicinal qualities with some that are 2500 years old.  Unfortunately, in large parts of Africa the baobab tree is struggling with worrying rates of decline linked to climate change.  This more

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Rose Body Butter – Easy 3 Ingredient Recipe


You guys loved my whipped chocolate body butter so much, I felt it was high time for me to reformulate it with an even simpler recipe.  This rose body butter melts to the touch and glides on like…well, butter.  It penetrates deeply and with some studies showing that rose oil has the ability to more

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Easy Healthy Homemade Deodorant


Natural living.  Let’s talk about it.  If you’ve been one of my blog readers or video subscribers for awhile, you’ll know that I’ve pretty much done an entire overhaul of what I eat to the products I use to be as natural and minimal on waste as possible.  To be truthful however, conventional deodorant more

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Last Minute Christmas DIY’s


Love languages have been a hot topic of conversation for me lately and I’ve come to realize that ranking high on my list are words of affirmation and acts of service.  So it comes as no surprise that when I’m gift giving, it’s often with a personal, handmade touch {like an elaborate homemade meal more

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Anti-Aging Eye Cream


My anti-aging eye cream is silky, rich and effective.  It’s been fortified with some of my absolute favorite wrinkle fighters but in an all natural way.  Oh, and it only takes less than 10 minutes to make. I turned 32 in September.  As I posted on instagram, I want this years focus to be more

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DIY Natural Anti-Aging Serum


A natural DIY + anti-aging serum + Christmas gift idea?  Talk about a win, win win! You probably already know how much I enjoy making my own beauty products whenever I can.  I’ve shared everything from my reef safe sunscreen to soaps and body butter with you and today, I’m sharing this feather light more

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Noni Lavender Multi-Purpose Salve


When we first moved to St. Croix, though I noticed the abundance of tropical flora and fauna, I also noticed the wild noni trees that were growing everywhere.  With very little effort, I was told these “pain killer trees” flourished.  As the curious cat that I am {J is convinced that I am one}, more

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How to Dry and Brew Hibiscus Tea for High Blood Pressure


We currently call a cute, 2 bedroom cottage home.  What it doesn’t have in fancy countertops or ample storage, it makes up for in its vast natural beauty just outside our windows.  We primarily chose it for it’s duo mountain and sea view from our backyard.  Nestled high up on a mountain top, we more

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Healthy Homemade Sunscreen


As I’m moving from one beach to the next, sunscreen is something that is as important as ever but the idea of slathering on chemicals that are both harmful to both me and the environment isn’t something that appeals to me.  As you may already know, I’m a huge fan of simple and functional more

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Edible Gemstone Jewel Candy


These edible gemstone candy jewels clock in at 4 ingredients with an endless variety of colors and flavors.  Today, I created lychee candies but you could make blue raspberry, mango, strawberry kiwi, champagne, bubble gum {you get the idea}.  When using a sandy colored organic sugar, the results will be a beautiful amber burnt more

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