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Seafood Stir-Fry Korean Style


Moving to the coast has provided me with the most idyllic food-scape as seafood is my favorite food.  Pair that with Korean flavors and a sweet and spicy kick, I’m swooning.  This dish is very reminiscent of the ones my parents used to whip up for us.  You can easily swap the seafood out more

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Silken Tofu Seafood Soup Soondubu Jjigae 순두부 찌개


This soup delivers heat in two ways.  First, it’s hot and bubbly and then, it’s red and spicy (but not so much that you’ll double over).  As always, you can tailor fit this to your own personal taste.  Don’t like that kick?  Remove the jalapeños or deseed them and scale back the pepper flakes ( more

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Korean BBQ Pizza


The last time I went to Korea, my cousins took me to “Pizza Hut.”  It seemed like everything had corn on it.  It bothered me then, but I’ve really latched onto the concept since.  It echoes my childhood breakfasts of canned beans and corn.  Now this “pizza” doesn’t have corn on it, (but it could)! more

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The Silver Lining


I’ve only been absent for a few days now, and I’ve received messages about when a new video will be available.  It’s not that I’ve stopped.  Quite the contrary.  I’ve still been here, crafting together new recipes, polishing old ones to a new shine, editing videos and trying my best to perfect my craft altogether. more

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Mixing Rice


That over yonder is what Westerners like to poke fun at when vacationing in Korea.  Everywhere you look there are hilariously nonsensical phrases that are squished together.  Whether it be a jab at being comical and making fun of themselves or what, it appears that lots of Korean companies enlist the help of “Engrish” more

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