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Self Care Habits That Changed My Life

Truth be told, I wasn’t too concerned about self care in my early 20’s.  Thankfully at the very least, I always washed my face and moisturized but that was pretty much the extent of my self care rituals back then.  I’ve come to realize that true self care isn’t just about pretty pink bubble baths and binge eating (or not) that pile of chocolate.  It’s the nitty gritty inside out that yields long term health and happiness that I’m interested in.  The following 6 self care habits are unassumingly simple but have exponentially improved both my health and happiness .

Meditation and aromatherapy.  Meditation is something I recently started taking seriously and boy has it made all the difference in the world.  I have entire posts dedicated to this topic like Meditation 101 and Meditation Tips.  Long before meditation came into my life, aromatherapy was always there.  Nowadays, I combine the two for a truly elevated experience.

Intuitive living.  For me, this means saturating in nature, leading a minimalist life focused on experiences rather than material possessions, trusting my gut and allowing it to lead the way, being in tune with my body and wading through the very human criticisms that can sometimes obscure the path to my inherent well of spiritual desires.

Mindfulness.  Pause.  Breathe.  This is still a work in progress but even the subtle shifts have been dramatic.  This can mean anything from unplugging from social media and clearing your morning to focusing on yourself and being truly present in the moment.

A diet rich in whole foods.  Hydrating on a cellular level with fresh local abundance has brought me more in sync with nature, nourished my body and soul and has lent me a sustainable spark of energy.  Why?  How?  You can read more about this journey in my ebook, Beginner Vegan.  To take it a step further, growing your own food forges such a deep connection with the soil that produces it to the actual meals that nourish your body.

Set intentions.  This can be through a physical planner that you scribble in daily before bed or affirmations while you meditate.  Your reality is an extension of your thoughts and behaviors.  Pour love into it.

Travel.  It really is true what they say.  Travel is the only thing that you spend money on that makes you richer.  I am forever changed by the Monk in Thailand who blessed me and my husband with our Sak Yants, witnessing the majesty of the Serengeti and the lions that we were told we probably wouldn’t see, bringing gifts to the children of Narok or enjoying the best amarena gelato by the Spanish Steps with my love that I can still so vividly taste.

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