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St. Croix Sugar Mills

Sugar mills are sprinkled throughout the entire island of St. Croix. Despite a couple years of dedicated effort to sift through our list and friends that have graciously allowed us to wander through their property, we are forever stumbling upon new ones and I am a-ok with that!

When I think of sugar mills, the words haunting, mysterious and weathered come to mind and you can see why.

Constructed between 1750 and 1800 beneath Danish rule, they stand as reminders of when sugar was king.  Though sugar cane can still be found growing here, it’s no longer as pronounced as it used to be.  My favorite way to enjoy fresh sugar cane is direct from an older gentlemen on Queen Mary or through a lady who works local festivals.  There are many of these still-standing structures that you can explore but that can always change with new owners, such as the case of Rust Op Twist on North Shore which used to be one that we would often frequent before they chained it off.  St. George Botanical Gardens and Estate Mount Washington are also great favorites of mine.

Just a few words of caution: please take litter with you and be mindful of not disturbing the jack spaniards and bees.

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